Conservation Area Appraisal Consultation

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We're consulting on our Draft Conservation Area Appraisals for Selby. Conservation areas are areas of special architectural or historic interest which should be preserved or enhanced.

Selby consists of four conservation areas: Selby Town, Armoury Road and Brook Street, Leeds Road and Millgate. 

These are the draft appraisals:

If you download the document using the 'save tab' before viewing you can view and use the interactive map within the document.

The documents identify the features which make a positive or negative contribution to the special character of each area, review the boundaries and provide recommendations for the future. 

It is not only the buildings that contribute to the historic character of the areas. Other factors that contribute include:

  • The form of the settlement.
  • Boundaries.
  • Spaces between buildings.
  • Street surfacing.
  • Green spaces, trees and other historic features all have a part to play.

Any new development should be designed with consideration for how it will preserve the historic character of the conservation area.

Further information is available here.

The consultation will run until 28 January.

All comments must be received by 5pm on Thursday 28th January 2021.