Compensation Policy

Selby District Council aims to provide good quality homes that are well maintained and meet the needs of our tenants. Services are however susceptible to unplanned failure, and from time to time things go wrong. This document will therefore provide information on what circumstances could warrant a compensation claim, and how this can be done. It will provide a framework for the consideration, calculation and authorisation of compensation. It should also be noted that:

  • All offers of compensation are made without prejudice and do not signify the acceptance of legal responsibility or liability on the part of the Council. All payments made under this policy will be issued as full and final settlement for the complaint.
  • We will meet all legal and regulatory requirements and will adhere to any actions or compensations ordered by the Housing Ombudsman or Local Government Ombudsman, as part of their findings following a complaint.
  • This policy applies to all current, future and former tenants, leaseholders, and customers of Selby District Council’s housing service.

A full copy of the Compensation Policy can be found here