Community grants

Funding from the Community Engagement Forums

Each Community Engagement Forum has a certain amount of funding available, with decisions on how it is spent devolved to each group. The equivalent of £20,000 per year is available to each group, as part of a commitment from Selby District Council to support local decision-making through the Community Engagement Forums.

The fund for each Forum is split in two.  One part can be used at the discretion of the Partnership Board (comprising representatives from all of the organisations involved) to help resolve particular concerns or enhance services.  The remainder is allocated to projects on the recommendation of sub-committees of the Forum.

This system empowers residents by giving direct responsibility for funding to the groups looking at key issues highlighted through the open Forum meetings.

If you think your idea or project could benefit from this funding, then please get in touch with your local Community Engagement Forum Partnership Board, either by attending one of your local meetings, or by submitting an application form for the relevant area. (click the link at the end of this page).

Selby AVS

Selby AVS can provide advice and information about most aspects of running and funding a community group or voluntary organisation. They can provide help on numerous matters, including:

  • Starting up a business/club/charity
  • Drafting appropriate constitutions
  • Help with company and charity registration
  • Development of policies and procedures
  • Funding support, advice and information

Please click on the following link to view the Selby AVS website