Social Board

The Council has now changed the way it makes decisions, with the introduction of a new Executive structure in May 2011. The information on this page relates to the position prior to this change. Click here for more information about the new decision-making structure.

Role of the Social Board

To carry out the budget and policy framework for:

  • Housing (public and private sectors);
  • Community safety;
  • Leisure;
  • Recreation and culture; and to
  • Recommend new initiatives to the Policy and Resources Committee.

Deal with the:

  • Provision;
  • Financing;
  • Improvement;
  • Repair;
  • Letting;
  • Sale; or
  • Use of houses, building land, community centres, or other facilities owned and operated by the Council as Housing Authority.
  • Look after the welfare, where appropriate, of the tenants, residents or users of those properties.
  • Deal with the maintenance, provision or support of amenities and the arts
  • Provide for vulnerable residents of the District.
  • Deal with matters relating to the Council's Concessionary Fare Scheme.
  • Submit an annual work programme, including the programme of any Task and Finish Groups appointed, to ensure that the Board's time is used effectively and efficiently; and
  • Carry out any strategic, corporate or cross-cutting work as directed to by the Policy and Resources Committee.

Please contact the Democratic Services team for further information on 01757 292037 or