Policy and Resources

The Council has now changed the way it makes decisions, with the introduction of a new Executive structure in May 2011. The information on this page relates to the position prior to this change. Click here for more information about the new decision-making structure.

The role of the Policy and Resources Committee was to:

  • Guide the Council when developing its objectives and priorities.
  • Make sure the processes within the Council are set up so that
    they contribute towards achieving Council objectives.
  • Develop the policy framework and budget and to carry
    them out for all Council duties and services which are not the
    responsibility of full Council or any other Committee or Board.
  • Co-ordinate and direct the work of the three Boards.
  • Identify where new policies are needed after consultation with
    appropriate Committees and Boards.
  • Make amendments to existing policies after consultation with
    appropriate Committees and Boards.
  • Advise the Council generally about its financial, manpower, land
    and economic resources and information technology function.
  • Deal with strategic planning policy.
  • Set a framework for personnel issues.
  • Advise the Council on all relevant financial matters.
  • Submit an annual work programme, to make sure that the
    Committee's time is used effectively and efficiently, and to
    monitor work programmes during the year. This includes the
    programme of any Task and Finish Groups appointed.
  • Make in-year amendments to work programmes within the
    agreed overall framework; and
  • Issue guidance on priorities if the volume of work for the other
    boards creates difficulties for them.

Please contact the Democratic Services team for further information on 01757 292037 or DemocraticServices@selby.gov.uk.