Overview and Scrutiny

The Council has now changed the way it makes decisions, with the introduction of a new Executive structure in May 2011. The information on this page relates to the position prior to this change. Click here for more information about the current decision-making structure.

The role of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee was to:

  • Review and/or scrutinise decisions made or actions taken by the Council.
  • Make reports and/or recommendations to the Full Council, the Policy and Resources Committee and Boards about those duties.
  • Exercise the right to 'call-in' for reconsideration, decisions made but not yet implemented, by the Policy and Resources Committee and Boards.
  • Help the Council to develop its budget and policy framework by in-depth analysis of policy issues.
  • Question Chairs of Boards and Chief Officers about their decisions and performance.
  • Consider any matter which affects the Selby District and the well being of its residents.
  • Conduct research and carry out community and other consultation to analyse policy issues and possible options.
  • Consider and propose ways to encourage and increase community participation when developing policies.
  • Review and scrutinise the performance of other bodies in the area and invite reports from them.

Please contact the Democratic Services team for further information on 01757 292037 or DemocraticServices@selby.gov.uk.