Commercial Waste Customer Questionnaire

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Please note - this consultation is for our commercial waste customers only. Please do not fill it in if you are not a commercial waste customer.

You may have seen that we have had a public consultation into the future of recycling services in the District.  At the moment households separate out their recycling into three different boxes.  This is because the different materials that we collect get taken to different places to recycle.  It also means that those businesses that have commercial recycling collections with us have to separate material into different bins or boxes.

The way many councils now collect recycling has changed so we’re looking at what we do.  There are two main options.  Either we keep the current kerbside box service or we move to wheelie bins (a co-mingled service).  If we were to move to wheelie bins it would either be a single bin for paper/card, glass, cans and plastic or one bin for paper/card and another bin for glass, cans and plastic. 

We want to know what you think about these potential changes and how they might affect the way we collect waste from your business. 

Yes - through a collection by Selby District CouncilYes - through a collection by another contractorYes - I take it to a licensed disposal siteYes other* (give details below)No - I don't recycle this material
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