Commercial waste and recycling - FAQ's

What is commercial waste?

Commercial waste is any waste that comes from a property that is not solely used for domestic living. This includes waste from shops, offices, food premises, pubs, schools and charities.

All businesses produce waste and all businesses have a legal duty to ensure they are dealing with it appropriately.

How do I apply for the Council's Commercial Waste and Recycling Service?

Please contact us on the numbers below and we can discuss your waste requirements with you and send you all the relevant contract documents. Because we are a local operator collections could begin within two weeks of your enquiry.

How often will my bin be emptied?

We can collect at a frequency to suit you from once a month to five times a week (subject to collection schedules). Please talk to us and we will be happy to advise you of the best container size and frequency of collection to suit your business.

If I have extra commercial waste that won't fit in my bin, will it be collected?

We can only collect waste that is contained within your bin/s with the lid/s closed flat. If you would like to arrange an extra collection in addition to your usual schedule please contact us on the numbers below.

If you occasionally have one or two extra bags of waste you could purchase a supply of pre-paid purple sacks which you can fill and place next to your bin on collection day. Please contact us on the numbers below for details.

What should I do if no one picks up my waste?

We endeavour to provide a prompt, efficient service, but sometimes collections may be missed, due to circumstances beyond our control. If your waste is not collected please contact us.

What should I do if my bin is missing/damaged/vandalised?

Under the terms of your contract with us you are responsible for the safe keeping of your bins. If your bin goes missing or is damaged in any way we can replace it for you at a charge.

What do I do if my recycling bin has been contaminated with other waste?

If you realise before your collection, please remove those items. If our crew notices the contamination they won't be able to empty the bin. We will send you a letter to inform you that the bin has been contaminated and the items need to be removed. If they are removed the bin will be emptied on your next collection. If the items are not removed by your next collection the bin will be emptied by our refuse wagon and the material will be sent to landfill. You will then be invoiced for the cost of the disposal.

Why isn't commercial waste collection included in business rates?

Businesses differ in size and produce different amounts of waste. As businesses are charged for the amount of waste they produce it would be unfair to have a set amount that every business must pay. Waste charges are therefore not included in the business rating system.

Businesses can also choose to have their waste collected by any licensed waste collector.

Can I take my waste home?

No. All waste from businesses must be taken to a site licensed to dispose of it or collected by a licensed waste operator.

Can I take my waste to a Household Waste & Recycling Centre or local recycling bring site?

Yes. This is a chargeable service and you will need to register as a waste carrier. Please visit the NYCC website for details.

For details of other sites that are licensed to accept commercial waste contact visit the Environment Agency at:

You must be able to provide the relevant legal documents when asked to show how you have disposed of your waste. If you aren't able to do this you may face fines and prosecution.

Can I just burn my waste?

By burning waste you may be breaking the law and causing environmental pollution. The burning of waste is usually only allowed where environmental permit or a registered waste exemption for burning waste are held. Visit the Environment Agency at for more information.