Comments received on the draft core strategy and council decisions

Comments received from individuals and stakeholder organisations following consultation on the draft Core Strategy may be viewed here.

The Councils decisions on the comments and responses received may be viewed here.

In view of the complex and overlapping nature of issues raised in relation to Policy CP1 (Spatial Development Strategy) and Policy CP2, (The Scale and Distribution of Housing), the majority of the Councils comments and decisions in relation to these two policies have been combined and are set out in a separate schedule, which also incorporates additional comments and decisions arising from consideration of the responses to Policy CP5 (Affordable Housing).

Reference should also be made to the agenda and minutes of the following:

Policy and Resources Committee - 27 July 2010 (incorporating the minutes of the LDF Task and Finish Group of 30 June 2010 and 7 July 2010)

Policy and Resources Committee - 28 September 2010 (incorporating the minutes of the LDF Task and Finish Group of 2 September 2010).