Collection Dates

We’ll be sending you brand new information about your collections and which days to put out your bins.
Recycling in the Selby district will still be collected every two weeks.  We’ll alternate between collecting the refuse and recycling bins. This means for example:
  • Week 1 – we collect the grey refuse bin 
  • Week 2 – we collect the brown bin - paper and card bin
  • Week 3 – we collect the grey refuse bin 
  • Week 4 – we collect the blue bin - glass, cans and plastic bin
Green waste collections will continue to be collected every fortnight. 
Your collection day might change. That’s because we’re changing some of the collection rounds to make sure they’re as efficient as possible. The bins we deliver to you will have special information tags telling you what goes in each bin. We’ll also deliver a calendar to you that will tell you which bin to put out on which day.

Assisted collections

If you already have assisted collections, you don’t need to do anything, although your collection day may change. Our crews will continue to collect the bins for you and return them to the same place. 
If you would benefit from assisted collections please complete the online form.