CIL - forms and guidance

This page lists forms relating to CIL that may be required for planning applications.

Please note these forms are in addition to those for your planning application.

All applications will require a Form 0 to be submitted with their application, with the following exceptions: tree works, discharge of conditions, listed buildings consent, scoping reports, advertisement consent, demolition notifications, telecommunication and prior notifications.

Guidance Notes - please use these when submitting the forms below.

Community infrastructure levy (CIL) - Guide

CIL form 1 - assumption of liability - used to assume liability for the payment of CIL.  It also needs to be completed to claim relief or exemption, including self-build exemption.

CIL form 2 - claiming exemption or relief - for claiming exemption or relief for social (affordable) housing or for developments by registered charities for charitable use.

CIL form 3 - withdrawal of assumption of liability - use this form if you have assumed liabiity to pay CIL but will no longer be the party making the payment.

CIL form 4 - transfer of assumed liability - this should be used to transfer the responsibility for paying CIL between parties: it should be used if the person who assumed liability using CIL form 1 will no longer be paying the CIL, and has already agreed with another party that it is now their responsibility.

CIL form 5 - notice of changeable development - this to be used to let us know about work being carried out under General Consent/Permitted Development which may be CIL liable.

CIL form 6 - commencement announcement - this must be used to advise us when work is about to commence on site on a CIL liable development.  This also needs to be submitted even if an exemption from CIL is granted.  If this notice is not served on the Council there are penalties to pay.

Examples of how CIL liabilities are calculated (Guidance Note 7)

CIL Penalties and Surcharges (Guidance Note 8)

Appeals Procedures (Guidance Note 9)


Form 0 - Determining whether a development may be CIL liable Planning Application Additional Information Requirement Form plus associated guide

Form 1 - Assumption of Liability

Form 2 - Claiming Exemption or Relief

Form 3 - Withdrawal of Assumption of Liability

Form 4 - Transfer of Assumed Liability

Form 5 - Notice of Chargeable Development

Form 6 - Commencement Notice

Form 7 - Self Build Exemption Claim Form Part 1

Form 7 - Self Build Exemption Claim Form Part 2

Form 8 - Self Build Residential Annex Exemption Claim Form

Form 9 - Self Build Residential Extension Exemption Claim Form

Relief and Exemption

Depending on the circumstances, the following forms of relief may be available.  Please visit the Planning Portal website for further informaton.

  • minor development exemption
  • mandatory charitable relief
  • discretionary charitable relief 
  • mandatory social housing relief
  • discretionary social housing relief
  • exceptional circumstances relief
  • self build exemption (for a whole house)
  • self build exemption (for a residential annexe or extension)


Other Sources

Government Guidance - Planning Guidance

Planning Portal - Community Infrastructure Levy