Chief Executive and senior officers

Chief Executive: Janet Waggott

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c/o Leadership Support Team: 01757 292001

Janet Waggott is Selby District Council's Chief Executive and Assistant Chief Executive at North Yorkshire County Council.  This joint role supports the two councils' Better Together programme, which is designed to support efficiencies and improved services through effective partnership working,

In her chief executive role, Janet is responsible for the delivery of quality services for residents and businesses of the Selby district, working alongside councillors.  The long-term goals of the Council are set out within the Corporate Plan 2015-20, which includes the ambitions to make the Selby district a great place to do business, a great place to enjoy life and a great place to make a make a difference, supported by the Council delivering great value.

Janet is the head of paid service at the District Council and is responsible for all council officers.

Director of Economic Regeneration and Place: Dave Caulfield

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c/o Leadership Support Team: 01757 292056

Dave Caulfield is the Director of Economic Regeneration and Place, a role that supports the Council's long-term ambition to make the district a great place to do business and a great place to enjoy life, supporting the local economy.

Dave is responsible for developing and leading a range of strategies to strengthen the district's local economy and make it a great place to build a sustainable future for residents and businesses.  Dave oversees the following areas: Community, Partnerships & Customers and Strategic Planning, Policy & Economic Development.

In addition, Dave leads on raising the profile of the district, working in partnership with housing providers to ensure we meet the housing demands of our residents, with community groups to help shape stronger communities, and with businesses to support our existing business base and encourage new investment to the area.

Solicitor to the Council and Monitoring Officer: Alison Hartley

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c/o Leadership Support Team: 01757 292056

Alison is Solicitor to the Council and Chief Legal Advisor. In this role, Alison represents the Council on major legal cases and at Council and Executive meetings to ensure the highest standards of governance.  Alison co-ordinates legal advice to the Council's departments, leading the way for best legal practice.  The role includes ensuring that Council functions and services operate in line with the latest legislation and regulation, and are updated in response to changes in law that affect the Council's duties and powers.

Alison also has managerial responsibility for Democratic Services, the elections and licensing functions of the Council.  As Solicitor to the Council, Alison supports and deputises, where required, for the Chief Executive in her role of Returning Officer.

In addition, Alison is the Council's Monitoring Officer.  This is a statutory role to ensure that the Council, its officers and councillors maintain the highest standards of conduct in all that they do.  The District Council's Monitoring Officer also acts as the Monitoring Officer for town and parish councils in the district.

Chief Finance Officer (Selby District Council and Assistant Director of Strategic Resources (North Yorkshire County Council): Karen Iveson

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c/o Leadership Support Team: 01757 292056

Karen Iveson is in a joint role as Chief Finance Officer for Selby District Council and Assistant Director of Strategic Resources for North Yorkshire County Council, as part of the Better Together collaboration between the two councils.

As Selby’s Chief Finance Officer and part of the leadership team, Karen is responsible for all of the Council’s financial affairs including leading the approach to strategic financial management and providing financial advice, systems and infrastructure to support and ensuring it uses its resources to deliver on the big ambitions.  

Karen champions value for money and works across every part of the organisation to support improved efficiency and to deliver an annual balanced budget along with the regular monitoring, managing and reporting of the Council’s financial performance.

A key part of Karen’s role is to also support the Council to innovate – developing systems for financial modelling and intelligence which underpin funding proposals and bids to deliver investment in Selby district.

Karen is responsible for all the financial policies, procedure rules, systems, processes, practices and skills across the Council, and for ensuring arrangements for managing risk and securing public funds and assets are effective.  Karen supports the Chair of the Council’s Audit and Governance Committee in their scrutiny role, liaising both with internal and external auditors.  Karen is also a Director of Veritau North Yorkshire, a wholly-owned local authority company established to deliver internal audit services to partner councils and other clients.

Head of Community, Partnerships and Customers: Angela Crossland                              

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c/o Leadership Support Team: 01757 292220

Angela develops and maintains relationships with key partners and stakeholders, both from within and outside the district, to ensure council services meet the needs of our communities.  Angela also leads the delivery of the Council's Customer Strategy, which is designed to enable customers to access services through the most appropriate channels, improve methods of engagement and support greater involvement of people in the shaping of their own services.  The role includes the promotion of tourism across the district and community safety issues.

Angela is responsible for leading the following areas: Customer & Communities and Partnerships & Projects.

Head of Commissioning, Contracts and Procurement: Keith Cadman

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c/o Leadership Support Team: 01757 292220

Keith Cadman is the Head of Commissioning, Contracts and Procurement, a role that supports the Council's long-term ambition to make a difference for the district by ensuring we deliver high standards of service to our customers.

In this role, Keith manages the Council's strategic commissioning framework, market development, contract management and procurement systems.  An important part of the role is to ensure that the Council's commissioned services provide value for money and achieve a high standard.  Our outsourced services include street scene services operated by Amey PLC and leisure services operated by Inspiring healthy lifestyles.

Keith is responsible for leading the following areas: Contracts and Commissioning & Procurement.

Head of Economic Regeneration and Place - Julian Rudd

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c/o Leadership Support Team: 01757 292057

Julian is Head of Economic Development and Regeneration, a role that supports the Council's ambitions to make the district a great place to do business and to enjoy life.  This role covers a wide range of support for the economy and growth and Julian and his team work with developers to open up new sites for investment and jobs, liaise with our two Local Enterprise Partnerships to secure funding and support for new growth and infrastructure and provide practical support for businesses who want to invest or expand in the area.

Julian also splits this role with working at the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership where he is the Strategic Housing and Planning Lead.  Working across both the council and the LEP in this way helps to ensure both organisations are working as one to support new sustainable homes, business growth and investment in our area.

Head of Business Development & Improvement: Stuart Robinson

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c/o Leadership Support Team: 01757 292220

Stuart Robinson is the Head of Business Development & Improvement, a role that supports the Council's long-term ambition to make a difference for the district, ensuring we have the appropriate skills and capacity to offer the highest standard of service, whilst continuing to find new and innovative ways of delivering council services in the future.

In this role, Stuart works alongside the contracts, procurement and operational teams.  A key part of the role is to identify and explore new ways of improving the Council's performance, seeking to find new approaches to the way in which we deliver services and drive forward collaborative working with partners such as other local councils.

Stuart is responsible for leading the following areas: Business Development, Data and Systems, Human Resources and Marketing & Communications.

Head of Operational Services: June Rothwell

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c/o Leadership Support Team: 01757 292220

June Rothwell is the Head of Operational Services, a role that supports the Council's long-term ambition to make a difference by ensuring the Council delivers the best services to residents and businesses.

In this role June manages operational services in line with the Council's plans and policies.  She develops and actively reviews the services we deliver to identify ways to continually improve; this includes looking at on-going skills requirements, capacity, income generation and efficiencies to ensure the Council is offering the best and most efficient services for our customers and our communities.

June is responsible for leading the following areas: Assets, Benefits & Taxation, Business Support, Community Support (including Community Officers, the Customer Contact Centre and Lifeline service), Debt Control & Enforcement, Environmental Health and Housing.

Head of Planning: Martin Grainger 

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c/o Leadership Support Team: 01757 292057

Martin Grainger is the Head of Planning, a role that supports the Council's long-term ambition to make the disitrict a great place to live. In this role Martin is responsible for Planning Policy, including the Local Plan, Development Plan documents and supplementary planning documents.

Martin is also responsible for Development Management - dealing with planning applications, listed building consents and other types of development applications. This is about delivering growth while protecting the natural and built environment. Planning enforcement is also one of Martin's areas of responsibility, including developing clear planning enforcement policies.

Martin also deals with Planning Administration, overseeing the preparation of Conservation Area Appraisals and management plans, and has input into the Leeds City Region and York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnerships on planning issues.

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