CEO Urgent Decision Session - Planning

To ensure we can continue to determine planning applications which are usually determined by the Planning Committee, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will determine the applications using delegated power as a “CEO Urgent Decision Session – Planning”. 

What will happen? 

  • Every week the CEO will review and determine the applications. 
  • The Planning Officer will prepare a written Officer Report (OR), that will be considered by the CEO. The reports will be published on the Friday before; you can view these here.
  • The CEO will consult with the Chair, Vice-Chair or other nominated member of the Planning Committee and have regard to their comments when taking her decision. The whole Planning Committee will also have an opportunity to comment on planning applications. 
  • The decision will be published as soon as practicable. 

Comments on applications 

In the absence of the Planning Committee, it follows there is no right to speak available for the public. To maintain the planning process at this time, those wishing to comment on an application should submit their written representations within the statutory time limit applicable to the application in question. 
You can submit comments on planning applications as usual on Public Access.
The CEO will be advised by the Planning Officer at the weekly CEO Urgent Decisions Session – Planning of any new issues arising since the publication of the Officer's report. If there are new material planning consideration raised, then the CEO will be advised to defer until the next CEO Urgent Decision Session – Planning, to enable an updated report to be published if necessary. 


Decisions made by the CEO will be published as delegated decisions online (in place of a planning Committee Minute) as soon as practicable. The Notice of Decision will be issued in the usual way and published on the Planning Public Access
This procedures will be reviewed on 15 May 2020.