Caravan park and campsite licence

Please submit licensing applications electronically. Applications can be scanned or photographed (please make sure they are readable). If you need advice or have a query about an application or licence, please email us here.

Licence summary

To run a caravan and camping site in Selby district you need a licence from Selby District Council. Conditions may be attached to a licence to cover any of the following:

  • Restricting when caravans can be on the site for human habitation or restricting the number of caravans that can be on the site at any one time.
  • Controlling the types of caravans on the site.
  • Controlling the positioning of the caravans or regulating the use of other structures and vehicles including tents.
  • To ensure steps are taken enhance the land, including planting/replanting bushes and trees.
  • Fire safety and fire fighting controls.
  • To ensure that sanitary and other facilities, services and equipment are supplied and maintained.

Eligibility criteria

The applicant must be entitled to use the land as a caravan site. Licences will not be issued to applicants who have had a site licence revoked within three years of the current application.

Using land as a caravan site is prohibited unless the occupier holds a site licence issued by the local authority. There are some exceptions which are listed below:

  • Where a caravan is sited with the curtilage of a dwelling and its use is incidental to the dwelling. This means it cannot be occupied separately.
  • A single caravan sited for not more than two consecutive nights for a maximum of 28 days in any 12 months.
  • Up to three caravans on a site of not less than five acres for a maximum of 28 days in any 12 months.
  • Sites occupied by exempted organisations such as the Caravan Club.
  • Sites of up to 5 caravans certified by an exempt organisation and which are for members only.
  • Sites occupied by the local authority. These are usually gypsy sites.
  • Sites for temporary and special purposes such as caravan rallies, agricultural and forestry workers, building and engineering sites and travelling salesmen, and;
  • A site for tents only can be used for a maximum of 28 days in any 12 months.

Licence conditions

If you are a caravan site occupier, you should have a licence already but you should check that your name, the site name and address is correct and up to date. Also check that the licence corresponds with your planning permission. If not, you should send us the licence for re-issue.

If you have recently become a caravan site occupier, licences are transferable to a new occupier but the law requires us to give consent for the transfer. You should send us the licence with a request for transfer and we will either endorse or re-issue it.

If you are a potential site occupier, you or your legal advisor should check that all the land used for siting caravans has planning permission and that the details correspond with the site licence. If you wish to change the use of the land to a permanent caravan site use you must have planning permission before a licence can be issued.

We may alter conditions at any time but must give licence holders the opportunity to make representations about the proposed changes. If a licence holder disagrees with the alterations they may appeal to the local magistrates' court within 28 days of the written notification of the alteration and a notice of appeal must be served on the local district council.

Residential mobile homes only

Recent leglislation has changed the rules around selling and gifting of park homes. There have also been changes relating to the rules for annual pitch fees and site rules. We charge a fee for all site licensing functions.We check licence conditions are met and carry out enforcement action where needed.   

The conditions cover many different issues to ensure that the welfare, health and safety of site residents are protected and to restrict the possibility of nuisance to adjacent land and property.

We would recommend that anyone thinking of purchasing or renting a Mobile Home (aka as a Park Home) as a permanent residence should seek legal advice on their rights and responsibilities.

Further information on the changes can be obtained from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

The Government has also extended the role of the Leaseholder Advisory Service (LEASE) (Tel: 020 7383 9800) so that park home residents can contact them for help and advice. This will be particularly helpful for matters where the local authority does not have a role such as site rules, pitch fees or the selling/gifting of park homes.

Licence fees

We charge a fee for applying for a licence, any amendments or transers of existing licenses and an annual fee. If you don't pay, your licence may be revoked. We can serve compliance notices on site owners where site licence conditions are breached. The notices set out what the breach is, what works are required and timescale for completion.  Any notice will attract a fee.

Public Register of Deposited Site Rules

Site rules are different to site licence conditions and are put into place by the owner of the site to ensure acceptable standards are maintained which will benefit the occupiers or will promote community cohesion on the site.


We accept no responsibility it there are errors or omissions regarding the site rules.

We do not endorse or approve these site rules.

We are not responsible for their content or enforcement. 

Deposited Site Rules

Site rules are different to the caravan site licence conditions. Site rules are established to ensure acceptable standards are maintained on the site for both the owner and the residents.

The Mobile Homes Act 2013 legislation specifies that site rules are to be agreed between both residents and the site owner and identify the method by which this is to be undertaken using specific timetables and forms.

Following the implementation of the Act existing site rules had to be replaced by new rules agreed by both parties. These new site rules should be deposited with the Local Authority.

We will keep an up to date register of site rules for any relevant protected (residential) sites.

Before publishing the site rules the council will check that the rules deposited have been made in accordance with the statutory procedures.

Ebor Park site rules

Whitecotes site rules

Application process

Applications for site licences are made to the local authority in whose area the land situated. Applications must be in writing, should detail the land the application concerns and any other information required by the local authority. There is no fee and a licence will usually be issued within two months of an application. Contact us for more information.

Please contact us if you havea not heard from us a reasonable time after an application. You can do this online if you applied through the GOV.UK website.

Apply online for a:

You can also download an application form - pdf

The Mobile Homes (Requirement for Manager of Site to be Fit and Proper Person) (England) Regulations 2020

The Mobile Homes (Requirement for Manager of Site to be Fit and Proper Person) (England) Regulations 2020 (“the Regulations”) introduced a fit and proper person test for mobile home site owners or the person appointed to manage the site, unless exempted by the Regulations.

What is a fit and proper person?

The applicant wishing to be included on the register will have to show that there are suitable financial and management arrangements in place for the site and to provide information relating to their conduct in relation to any of the following:

  • Offences relating to fraud, dishonesty, violence, arson or drugs or listed in schedule 3 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.
  • Contraventions of law in relation to: housing, caravan sites, mobile homes, public health, planning or environmental health or landlord and tenant law.
  • Contraventions of law in relation to the Equality Act 2010, or in connection with the carrying out of any business.
  • Harassment of any person in connection with the carrying out of any business.
  • Insolvency within the last 10 years.
  • Disqualification from acting as a company director within the last 10 years.
  • Has the right to work in the UK.

Does it apply to all protected sites?

No, only park home sites, which operate on a commercial basis, where units are sold or rented to residents. Park Home sites which are only occupied by the site owner or members of the site owner’s family do not need to apply. However, if circumstances change, and units are rented out to non-family members, then the owner or site manager will need to apply to be included on the register

Who will need to apply?

Under the legislation the fit and proper person must be the person with day-to-day responsibility for managing a site, whether that is the site owner, or a person appointed to undertake the task on the owner’s behalf.

Anyone applying for a new site license, or the transfer of a site license to a new owner, will need to apply to have themselves or the site manager included on the register.

How do you apply to be put on the register of fit and proper persons?

You must submit an application between the 1st July 2021 and by midnight of 30 September 2021 inclusive to be assessed as a Fit and proper Person. If you are operating a site and fail to comply with the fit and proper person test it is a criminal offence and if found guilty you would be liable, on summary conviction, of a fine up to level 5 (unlimited).

Applying for inclusion on the register carries an application fee of £150.00 (may be subject to alteration) for the 2021/22 period. A further annual fee may also be applicable to your site (our fee policy can be found here).

The applicant seeking entry on the register will need a basic DBS certificate (dated no more than 6 months before the date of the application) and this must be included with the application. The DBS certificate must be from an approved supplier. Information about how to arrange a DBS check can be found on the Government’s web site:

Selby District Council collects information about you in order to process your application for inclusion in the register of fit and proper persons. For further information please refer to our Privacy Notice.


Please contact us first if you have a complaint about not being granted a licence, or any condition attached to a licence. You are also able to appeal to the local magistrates' court within 28 days of a licence being issued.

We would always advise that in the event of a complaint the first contact is made to us - preferably in the form a letter (with proof of delivery). If this is insufficient, if you are located in the UK the GOV.UK website will give you advice. From outside the UK contact the UK European Consumer Centre.