Brownfield Register

The brownfield land register provides house builders with up-to-date and publicly available information on all brownfield sites available for housing in the district. The register aims to help housebuilders identify suitable sites quickly, speeding up the construction of new homes, it also allows communities to draw attention to local sites for listing, including derelict buildings and eyesores that are primed for redevelopment and that could attract investment to the area.

The register includes a list of sites with accompanying data. The list includes brownfield sites which already have planning permission and brownfield sites that do not. Those that do not have permission will still have to go through the normal planning application process. Some sites may go through a simplified planning process if the Council decides at a later date that they can be given permission in principle. The register also includes a list of sites that were submitted but not included on the register and the reasons for this.

August 2019 Brownfield Register

August 2019 Brownfield Register

There is also a mapbook which cross references to those sites chosen in the register.

August 2019 Brownfield Register Mapbook

Future Submission Entries

If you would like to submit a brownfield site to next years register that you think should be developed for housing, you can do so to, please include an outline plan of the site and any details of the sites availability and suitability for development.

The site must be mostly brownfield, and capable of supporting 5 or more dwellings or be at least 0.25 hectares in size. Sites should be suitable for residential use and free from constraints that cannot be mitigated. Where a brownfield site is subject to an allocation for a use other than housing in an up to date local plan and there is compelling evidence supporting that allocation, it is unlikely that the site would be regarded as being suitable for housing.

The Council will have the final say on which sites are on the register and which sites will have ‘permission in principle’. When deciding on which sites to include in the register, the Council will have regard to planning policies of the Core Strategy. The landowner will not have the opportunity to appeal the authority’s decision. If a landowner is aggrieved by a decision taken by an authority they still have the option to make an application for planning permission.


August 2018 Brownfield Register

August 2018 Brownfield Register

There is also a mapbook which cross references to those sites chosen in the register.

August 2018 Brownfield Register Mapbook

August 2016 Brownfield Register

Selby Brownfield Register

There is also a mapbook which cross references to those sites chosen in the register.

Selby Brownfield Register Mapbook