Benefits online claim form

Once you have been given an estimate of how much benefit you may be entitled to, you can complete a claim form online.  If you haven't already got an estimate we have our Benefits Calculator available to help you do this.

The online claim form will download onto your computer so that you can fill it in off-line and save it if you require.

Once you have downloaded the form, please read the help information before you complete the main form or work your way through the rest of the stages at the top of the form.

Features of the form include:

  • you only have to complete the parts of the form that are relevant to you
  • the form checks itself for errors and shows you what you have missed
  • the form will generate a checklist to remind you what evidence you must supply, which you can also do online
  • you can submit the form directly to the Council

This form does not require a handwritten signature for processing. The declaration page displays a Confirmation Checkbox, which must be checked before the form can be accepted by Selby District Council.

Open the online benefit form

You can enquire about any aspect of claiming Council Tax or Housing Benefits online