Benefits online claim form

Once you've been given an estimate of how much benefit you may be entitled to, you can complete a claim form online.  If you haven't already got an estimate we have our Benefits Calculator available to help you do this. Click here to access our Benefit Calculator.

Please note that most of our area is now covered by Universal Credit.  The list of postcodes included and when we expect others to be included can be found on our Universal Credit page.

If you are working age, not currently receiving Housing Benefit, live in these areas and you're making your first claim, you must apply for Universal Credit to receive support in paying your rent.

IMPORTANT – you cannot claim Housing Benefit if you get Universal Credit.  Help with housing costs will be calculated and paid as part of your Universal Credit award.

The online claim form can be saved on the online portal, you will be given a password to return to an incomplete form. Please complete and submit the form online, it does not need to be printed and sent to us.

Please note:

  • you only have to complete the parts of the form that are relevant to you;
  • the form checks itself for errors and shows you what you have missed;
  • the form will generate a checklist to remind you what evidence you must supply, which you can also do online;
  • on completion, the form will be submitted directly to us.

This form doesn't require a handwritten signature. The declaration page displays a confirmation checkbox, which must be checked before the form can be accepted by us.

You can enquire about any aspect of claiming Council Tax or Housing Benefits online