Barlow Parish Poll - 29 September 2022

On Thursday 29 September 2022 there was a parish poll for Barlow following a request for one by a parish meeting held on 31 August 2022.

Voting took place in person between 4.00pm and 9.00pm at Barlow Village Hall, Park Lane, Barlow. There is no provision for postal or proxy voting at parish polls.

The question to be posed at the poll is:

"Should the parish council build a bicycle pump track?"

Further information has been provided to electors eligible to vote in a notice of poll letter. The information contained in the letter is also available to view in the Notice of Poll set out below.


Notice of Poll

Please contact if you have any queries.


The results of the poll are set out below.

Electorate: 615

Turnout: 48%

Ballot Papers Issued: 295

Result of Poll: Proposal Carried - 158 votes (Yes)

Declaration of Result of Poll Notice