Authority Monitoring Report (and Infrastructure Funding Statement)

Authority Monitoring Report

Monitoring of key planning issues has an essential role in policy development and supports several key aspects of our long-term ambitions.

Effective monitoring and progress in implementing existing policies helps to identify achievements, changing circumstances where policy changes may be required, and to ensure that policies remain relevant. Monitoring can also certify that a sufficient supply of land for development exists.

Each year we review our current position in the Authorities Monitoring Report (previously Annual Monitoring Report). Although no longer a statutory duty to give this information to central Government we are required to publish this information direct to the public at least annually in the interests of transparency and to ensure all interested parties have access to this information through the Authorities' Monitoring Report.

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Infrastructure Funding Statement

The Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) is an annual report which provides a summary of all developer contributions relating to Section 106 agreements (S106) and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for a given financial year. The Infrastructure Funding Statement replaces the Regulation 123 statement.

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