Asset Management Strategy 2015-2018

Selby District Council's Asset Management Strategy demonstrates how we're working to get the best from our assets. Most people use the Council's assets in some shape or form, whether it's the customer contact centre, parks and leisure facilities, industrial and commercial buildings, bus stations or Council houses.

The objectives of the strategy are to:

  • use our assets in a sustainable way to support the Council's strategic objectives;
  • identify ways to maximise the use of assets for the benefit of the local community; and
  • ensure our assets are fit for purpose and maintained to the required standard.

Use the following links to find out more about the strategy.  We've split up the sections here to make it easier for you to find what you need.

Asset Management Strategy 2015 - 2018 

Appendix A Asset Register

Appendix B Action plan

Appendix C Risk Register

Appendix D Management

Appendix E Register of Completed Acquisitions and disposals

Appendix F Register of Potential Acquisitions and Disposals 

Appendix G Financial Funding Plan 

Appendix H Non HRA Summary of Annual Spend