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North Yorkshire Home Choice

Selby District Council is a member of North Yorkshire Home Choice. This is our way of allocating homes for rent and shared ownership.

We give you choice in deciding where you want to live. You can choose a home which best suits your needs. Properties that are available for rent are advertised weekly.

You will need to register on North Yorkshire Home Choice and provide up to date infomation of your current circumstances. Following submitting the application form we will contact you to provide the relevent supporting evidence and only once you have provided everything would you be eligible. 

You can register and find additional information by using the link below:

North Yorkshire Home Choice website

Offer of Property - Guidance during Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Current lettings process and timescale information

To ensure we are always following guidance to stay at home and away from others including making all but essential journeys. At this stage, we are unable to give a timescale but it will be reviewed and dependant on how the situation progresses.

Should you not wish to wait until the restrictions are lifted and therefore be released from the accommodation offer. We would not class that offer as an reasonable offer.

If an applicant is currently under offer or we are making an offer

If you have been offered a property and you wish to wait until the restrictions are lifted. The offer remains valid and they will remain matched to the property until such time it is deemed safe to progress to a viewing / sign up. 

We will keep in touch with you during this period and ask that you also contact us at any point if you wish to change your mind and decide not to proceed with the offer of accommodation, we can released from the accommodation offer.

In the meantime, if an applicant is unfamiliar with the area, we advise they may wish to research this on the internet and using online maps to get an idea of location, schools, amenities, transport etc in the local area in the absence of a viewing.

However, it is important to ‘stay at home’ and not do any travelling to the property or area during the lock down in line with goverment guideance. 

If an applicant is currently under offer or we are making an offer with another Housing Association or Local Authority

If you have been offered a property through one of our partners, please contact them directly and they will be able to answer your queries. 

Contact details for all housing providers within the partership can be found here

What happens next should the applicant choose to proceed with the viewing?

We will make contact as soon as we are able to proceed with a viewing and that, if you have any queries, you can contact the Housing Support team on 01757 705101 or via email at and they will be happy to help. 

Rural Initiative

You'll be given priority if you have a local connection to the parish where the home is.  If no one with a local connection is intersted, we'll consider people with a connection to the wider district.

This does not apply to properties in Selby Town and Tadcaster.

Here's how we decide if someone has a local connection:

  • If you currently live in the parish and you've lived there for 6 out of the last 12 months; or

  • you've lived within the parish for at least 3 years out of the last 5 years; or

  • you're employed in the parish (employment is defined as permanent full or part time; not casual or seasonal); or

  • you've an essential need to live close to another person, to provide or receive care or support, and that person has lived in the parish for the last 5 years; or

  • you've a close family member who's lived in the parish for the last 5 years (mother, father, adult son, adult daughter, adult brother, adult sister); or

  • you need to move to the parish, when not doing so would cause hardship.

Getting more support

Click here to email us if you have any questions about your housing application.

If you need to contact us in a different way, click here to find our contact details

How long before I'm housed?

We want to ensure you have as much information as possible about where you'd like live.  Each year we have over 1,000 housing applications form people with a connection to our area.  We can accommodate around 20% of the number of people who apply.

We give the highest priority to people most in need.  When you're accepted onto the housing register, we'll tell you how we've assessed your housing need.  This is broken down into gold, silver and bronze bands.  Gold means those people with the highest needs.

The average waiting time for those who were made an offer varied significantly dependent on their needs.  Those in gold band wait on average 294 days; those in silver band 342 days; those in bronze band 436 days.

The more areas and different types of property types you're willing to consider, the better your chance of being re-housed with us.

We've have produced a table showing the location of all our properties across the district, along with the number and type of property within each parish. 

Click here to read the full allocations policy.