Alternative arrangements

What happens if you currently have special collection arrangements?

Some of you already have different arrangements for your waste –  shared bins, communal bins, sack collections, etc. These will be adapted for the new service.  We’ll be in touch with you directly about your new service.

Storage concerns?

Most properties in our district have enough space for the wheelie bin system but we know there are some properties such as flats or smaller terraces where this could be a problem. We’ve already identified just under 200 properties out of 40,000 in our district where this is the case. Some properties will have different collection arrangements including shared or communal bins. If you don’t have enough room for the two new wheelie bins, please fill in this form and we’ll look at your property to see if we need to make alternative arrangements. 

Alternative arrangements will only be made if there is no room to store additional bins.

You can’t keep using the old boxes as the wagons that will be used to collect your recycling are changing. The wagons will be rear loading collection vehicles designed to empty wheeled bins, not boxes.

Different size recycling bins 

Each home in the district will automatically receive two new 240 litre wheelie bins for recycling, which will be collected once every four weeks. Some residents have requested smaller or larger wheelie bins - swapping these bins over is on hold during the coronavirus emergency. This is so that we can focus our resources on collecting waste and recycling. We'll pick this up again as soon as we can. If this is causing a significant issue please email so we can look into this for you. Thank you for your patience.