Air Quality - How You Can Help

People are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of their lifestyle and there are now many things we can do to help.

Making a few small changes to how we travel and do things at home can have a positive impact on emissions, local air quality, the environment and our health.

On the road

  • Try not to make unnecessary car journeys, especially short trips.
  • Use public transport if possible, our district has great bus and train services which run frequently to popular destinations such as Leeds, York and Hull.
  •  Try walking or cycling – Selby is great for cycling and walking. There are various routes and trails which run through the district, such as the Trans Pennine Trail.  
  • Keep your vehicle well maintained, ensuring that the engine is properly tuned, and the tyres are kept at the correct pressure. It is also beneficial to regularly have the oil changed.
  • Avoid idling your engine, particularly if you are stuck at traffic lights and railway crossings and whilst parked, especially outside schools. This will help reduce emissions and save fuel.
  • Car share to work if at all possible with your colleagues. This will help to reduce air pollution and save money on travel costs.
  • Try to drive smoothly. Don't rev your vehicle unnecessarily and try to avoid hard acceleration and heavy braking.
  • If you are buying a new vehicle, then consider electric or low-emission vehicles such as plug-in hybrids. Further information can be found further down this page.

In the home

Electric and Low-Emission Vehicles

Electric and low-emission vehicles are growing in popularity, with more models being introduced by manufacturers. The UK Government announced that petrol and diesel cars will not be sold after 2035, with only electric or hydrogen vehicles being the only purchase option. There is an electric vehicle model to suit every budget, with government grant incentives available. Some of the benefits are:

  • Lower running costs – Electricity used for charging an electric vehicle works out around 15 percent of the cost of petrol or diesel. Road tax is also free for emission free vehicles.
  • Lower maintenance costs – Electric vehicles have three main components, compared to petrol or diesel vehicles which have significantly more. This means that there is far less wear and tear and less stress on the motor, with fewer parts susceptible to damage.
  • Fast and easy charging – You can charge an electric car at home using a 7kW charging port, with most models fully charging within 5-10 hours. Rapid chargers can also speed up the process and most new-build homes come with them as standard. Public electric vehicle charge points are also available around the UK. The Council are in the process of installing four within Selby Town, and others are also located around the district. To find a local charge point click here.
  • Better for the environment – Fully electric cars have zero emissions so they have no negative impact on the environment.

The Government’s Go Ultra Low website has further information around electric vehicle models, grants and using electric and low-emission vehicles for commercial use.  

For further information on electric vehicles and charge points within Selby District please email: