Air Quality and Planning

Most development, whether it be residential or industrial, requires planning permission.

Planning permission can play a vital role in improving local air quality and reducing potential emissions caused by development. This includes giving consideration to many aspects of a development such as building materials, highways, transport, electric vehicle charging and processes.

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is a key part of the planning system which sets out planning policies and how they should be applied. It also acts as guidance for the Local Planning Authority when making decisions on applications. Air quality is considered within the framework and highlights that opportunities to improve air quality and mitigate impacts should be identified. Development should also sustain and contribute to achieving compliance with the National Air Quality Objectives and give consideration to the presence of Air Quality Management Areas.

The NPPF can be found here

Local Plan

The Local Plan for Selby District is currently being reviewed for 2020-2040. The plan will set out a vision and framework for future growth of the district and set out policies to determine applications.

More information on the new Local Plan can be found here

Air Quality Planning Guidance

Any developers who would like further information around air quality and planning should refer to the Air Quality Planning Guidance Note. The guidance objectives are to:

  • Highlight the existing policy framework (local and national) relating to air quality;
  • Highlight the potential importance of air quality as a material planning consideration;
  • Identify those circumstances where an Air Quality Assessment is required by SDC to accompany a development proposal;
  • Provide help and guidance for developers required to provide an Air Quality Assessment; and;
  • Highlight the need for planning conditions and section 106 agreements in the planning process in relation to air quality.

The Air Quality Planning Guidance Note can be found here.

Other Useful Information:

LAQM – Planning for Air Quality Guidance

IES – Air Quality and Planning – Technical Note

Formal pre-application advice can also be sought from our planning department.