Abandoned vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles are an environmental hazard, represent a danger to the public (especially children), create a magnet for crime and blight our communities.

Abandoned vehicles create problems not only for councils but also for the police and the fire service.

Burnt out vehicles are also carcinogenic and hazardous to health.

Many vehicles which are reported as abandoned to us may be:

·   Untaxed

·   Unregistered

·   Stolen, or

·   Involved with crime

We do not remove stolen vehicles or vehicles which have been involved in an accident.

Vehicles which are broken down, abandoned or causing an obstruction can be reported to the Police by calling 101.

To identify an abandoned vehicle check for the following things:

·   Are the windows broken?

·   Is the vehicle damaged in any way i.e. dented side panels?

·   Has the vehicle been in the same place for a long period of time?

·   Does the vehicle have flat tyres?

Abandoned vehicles on private land

We can only remove abandoned vehicles from private land with the permission of the landowner. The landowner will be liable for the cost of removal.

How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

·   Take as many details of the vehicle as possible: registration, make/model, condition of the vehicle and how long it’s been there

Call us on 01757 705101 or report it online form.

·   When giving the officer the vehicles details make sure you have the exact location, to help us find the vehicle quickly. Any additional details such as the make and model, colour, registration number and how long it has been there is also useful.

 What happens next?

·   Our officer will inspect the vehicle, and assess whether it has been abandoned.

·   If the vehicle is abandoned it is our duty to remove it and hold it for safe-keeping until the registered owner is contacted.

·   However if the vehicle is roadworthy our Officer will affix a 24 hour notice on the vehicle.

·   Once we have the registered owners details the officer will send a letter to give the owner 7 days notice to reclaim the vehicle. The charges for this are also included on the letter.


Abandoning a vehicle carries a £200 Fixed Penalty and or a fine of up to £2,500.

If a vehicle is not abandoned but has no up-to-date tax we will remove the vehicle to a pound for safe keeping for seven days. The owner will be contacted by the authority. If nothing is heard within the seven day waiting time the vehicle will be destroyed under the Refuse Amenity Act 1978.

You may also have to pay statutory fees for the removal, storage and disposal of a vehicle – these fees start at £150 plus a daily storage charge.

If you wish Selby District Council to dispose of the vehicle on your behalf:

  • Once in Selby District Council's possession, we can dispose of vehicles at the request of the registered keeper.
  • There is a £75 statutory disposal fee for cars.
  • This fee differs for motor bikes and vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.