What can I put in my recycling boxes?

What can I recycle?

The kerbside collection scheme enables you to recycle paper and card using your green box, glass bottles, jars and cans in your blue box and mixed plastics in your black box. 

Mixed household plastics

You can recycle:

  • plastic bottles including milk cartons       
  • yoghurt pots     
  • margarine tubs
  • ready meal trays            
  • plastic trays and fruit punnets   

Kerbside recycling cannot take:

  • plastic film
  • carrier bags
  • flexible packing covers
  • polystyrene

Please ensure you wash all your plastic and if possible squash your plastic bottles. Caps can be left on.

Green box - paper and card

You can recycle:

  • Telephone directories including Yellow Pages    
  • Writing paper
  • Newspapers and magazines      
  • Junk mail            
  • Cardboard packaging - all types
  • Greetings cards               
  • Catalogues         

Kerbside recycling cannot take:

  • Drinks cartons such as Tetra Paks
  • Cardboard milk cartons
  • Foil and foil-lined packaging
  • Soap powder boxes

If you have any extra paper or card that won't fit into your box you can either tie it in a bundle or put it in a carrier bag next to the green box. Cardboard boxes must be flattened to no more than about one metre square. You can also take extra paper or card to one of the 25 recycling banks around the District. Please do not use black bin liners or cardboard boxes to put out extra materials.

Blue box - glass and cans

You can recycle:

  • glass bottles
  • jars    
  • tins and cans
  • drinks cans
  • empty aerosols            
  • washed takeaway containers           

Kerbside recycling cannot take:

  • milk bottles, bottle tops and lids
  • windows, light bulbs and broken glass
  • drinks glasses and Pyrex dishes
  • crisp packets, sweet wrappers and other foil lined packaging
  • pottery, ceramics and plastics

Extra cans can be put out in a carrier bag but all glass must go in the blue box for collection. We can't collect glass from carrier bags in case there is any broken glass that could injure one of our operatives. For this reason we also won't collect any material from boxes with broken glass in them. If you do have any broken bottles or jars, wrap them up and put them into your grey wheelie bin. Any extra glass can be taken to one of the 25 recycling banks around the district.

Please wash all your glass bottles, jars and cans and then try to squash any tins and cans if you are able. You do not need to remove labels. Please do not pierce or squash aerosol cans.

See our page on Frequently Asked Questions.