Western Area CEF


The Western Community Engagement Forum covers the following Parishes: Birkin; Brotherton; Burton Salmon; Byram cum Sutton; Fairburn: Hillam; Monk Fryston; Huddleston with Newthorpe; Sherburn in Elmet; and South Milford.

Partnership Board Members

The Chair of the Western CEF is Andy Pound. For a list of all Partnership Board members, please click here.

Future meetings and forums

Western CEF Forum - 7.00pm, Tuesday 7 November 2017, venue to be confirmed

Western CEF Funding Sub-Committee - 6.30pm, Tuesday 23 January 2018, Fairburn Community Centre

Western CEF Partnership Board - 7.00pm, Tuesday 23 January 2018, Fairburn Community Centre (immediately after Funding Sub-Committee)

Western CEF Forum - 7.00pm, Tuesday 13 February 2017, venue to be confirmed