Tenant Participation

Tenant participation is your way of getting involved, helping to shape the housing services you receive. We always welcome new tenants and leaseholders to join us in sharing their views and opinions.

There are many ways that you can get involved whether it be attending meetings or receiving on-line surveys. Listed on this page are the many ways that you can get involved. 

Meet your Tenant Participation Officer…

Matthew Brown is the Council’s new Tenant Participation Officer and a key part of his role will be working with tenants and leaseholders to help you become more involved in the decisions made about the Council housing services that you receive. 

You’ll see Matthew at a range of community events engaging with tenants and leaseholders and supporting resident groups. 

If you want to get involved or have a question for Matthew you can contact him by...

Here's how you can get involved and have your say...

Scrutiny Panel

The primary role of the Scrutiny Panel will be to provide an independent resident scrutiny of our housing services and scrutinise performance aimed at improving services for our customers.

The Scrutiny Panel also reviews good practice, highlighting what is good about the organisation and what needs to change, makes evidenced-based recommendations to the our management team and reports to councillors.

Go to our scrutiny panel page for more details.

Repairs and Maintenance Group

The Repairs and Maintenance group is made up of tenants that meet as and when with members of our property services team and housing management to look at areas of topic and provide recommendations leading to the  improvement and development in how we deliver our housing services. This group reports their findings to the Scrutiny Panel.

Go to our Repairs and Maintenance Group page for more details.

Tenant and resident associations (TARAs)

There are two tenant and resident working groups that meet quarterly at local community centres. Our community officers often attend these meetings, along with other local agencies and businesses in the area, to discuss local issues. The groups will continue to run to meet the neighbourhood and community standard.

Flaxley Road TARA

The Flaxley Road Tenants and Residents Association was formed in April 2002 to tackle the issues raised by people who live on the estate. The group has worked with the local community, Selby District Council, the police, AVS and other agencies to bring about benefits for the area. The Flaxley Road Tenants and Residents Association meet at the Coultish Centre, Charles Street, Selby. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month.

Selby South TARA

The Selby South Tenants and Residents Association was set up in 1998 by tenants and residents who wanted to improve their area. This group has been extremely active and has brought many benefits to the Abbots Road estate. Some of their achievements to date include:

  • campaigning for the new Post Office to be built on the estate;
  • encouraging kids on the estate to take part in a play which was shown at the Millenium Dome;
  • gaining funding for more security lighting for the bungalows on the estate; and
  • organising litter picking and local clean ups around the estate.

The Selby South Tenants and Residents Association meets on a 6 week basis on mondays at the Cunliffe Centre, Petre Avenue, Selby. The next meeting is the the following date:

  • 11th December

Advertisement for next Tenant and Resident Association meeting

We are currently looking for a new chair for the Tenant and Residents Association, following the decision for the current chair to step down. Should you be intrerested in taking on the role, please contact mbrown@selby.gov.uk or 01757 292054.

Estate walkabouts

An estate walkabout is an important way of finding out what our residents and tenants think of the service, and what we can do to improve communities. This also give the tenants the opportunities to raise and report any local concerns such as empty properties, graffiti in the area or other local concerns. We organise walkabouts on a quarterly basis, covering each of the following geographical areas: Abbots Road, Flaxley Road, Byram/Brotherton, Sherburn, Tadcaster. You can find out about the time, date and location of estate walkabouts in Open Door, our tenants newsletter and below.

A list of the up coming estate walkabouts are the following:

  • Flaxley Road - 1st December, 10:00am - Coultish Centre
  • Byram - 1st December, 10:00am - Byram Park Road
  • Tadcaster - 7th December, 13:00pm - Rosemary Court
  • Abbots Road Estate - 1st December, 10:00am - Cunliffe Centre (cancelled)


Housing Surgeries

A weekly housing surgery takes places in Sherburn library (Tuesday mornings) and Tadcaster Calcaria House (Thursday mornings) for local residents to discuss any council issues they may have with their local community officer.

Editorial Panel - Open Door

The Editorial Panel works with us to ensure your Open Door magazine contains the information you need and keeps you up to date about our work. Much of this is carried out by email or over the telephone, with occasional meetings. To get involved please email communications@selby.gov.uk or call us on 01757 292087 to find out more. 

Disability Focus Group

Issues related to disabilities in relation to housing can be raised through local panel meetings or by contacting the Selby District Disability Forum.

Community Engagement Forums

Community Engagement Forums are public meetings for both tenants and residents to raise any concern or make any comment about the local area and the local services provided. The forums take place quarterly in the local Community Engagement Forum areas and give local people the opportunity to have their say about the issues that are important to them, and the chance to speak directly to the people who deliver their local services. Find your local Community Engagement Forum.