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A to Z
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Safeguarding - general information
Safeguarding children board
Safeguarding for children
Safeguarding for parents
Safeguarding for professionals
Safeguarding vulnerable adults
Schedule of responses to SADPD Issues and Options consultation
School - 14-19 area prospectus
School - assessment and performance
School - book exhibitions
School - book purchase scheme
School - breakfast clubs
School - catering
School - closures
School - clothing grants and vouchers
School - clubs and activities
School - complaints procedure
School - development plans
School - education in hospital
School - exclusion of pupils
School - fire safety education
School - health promotion
School - holiday schemes
School - home schooling
School - information and advice
School - maintenance grant
School - nursery inspections
School - nursing
School - pupil records
School - supervised medication
School - support for gifted children
School - teenage pregnancy
School - term and holiday dates
School - transition between schools
School - transport
School - travel support
School - truancy
School - visits
School - work experience placements
School admissions - appeals
School curriculum
School governors
School Meals - see the Education page
School mentors
School transport - 16-19 year olds
Schools - Chaperone Service - see the schools section of the Education & Learning page
Schools - extended services
Schools - see the Education page
Schools for the future
Schools Library Service - advice and training
Schools Library Service - loans
Schools Library Service - school visits and promotions
Scrap Metal - please see our Licensing - Scrap Metal page
Scrutiny Committee
Second Adult Rebate - see Benefits - Second Adult Rebate
Secondary school admissions
Selby Area Action Plan
Selby Core Strategy - see The Core Strategy
Selby District Council - Terms & Conditions
Selby District Housing Needs Study - see Housing Needs Study
Selby District Local Plan
Selby District Play Strategy - see Play Strategy
Selby District Retail, Commercial & Leisure Study - see Retail, Commercial & Leisure Study
Selby Horseshoe Walk
Selby Park
Selby Renaissance Opening Launch Event
Selby Station Quarter Proposed Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)
Selby Town Design Statement
Selby Town Enterprise Partnership
Self Assessment 2008 - see Corporate Self Assessment 2008
Selling to the Council Guide and Procurement Policies
Senior Management Team - please see Chief Officers at Selby District Council
Senior Railcard Scheme - please see Railcards - Senior & Disabled
SENs - see the Education page
Septic Tanks & Cess Pools
Service & Crown Servants Abroad - Voting Rights
Shared care for adults
Shared care for children
Shared Ownership Housing - see Housing - Shared Ownership
Single Persons Discount Review
Site Allocations Development Plan Document (SADPD) 2013
Sites and Ancient Monuments - see Archaeology
Sites and Policies Local Plan - PLAN Selby
Sixth form access funds
Skipwith Common
Small Business Rate Relief
Small Business Rate Relief - 01 April to 30 Sept 2010
Smells and Odours - see Complaints About Dust, Odours and Accumulations
Smoke Control
Social Board
Social care - out of hours support
Social enquiry reports
Social Services
Social Services - Child Welfare
Social services - direct payments
Social Services - Home Help
Special educational needs - assessment
Special educational needs - co-ordinated support plan
Special educational needs - disabled students allowance
Special educational needs - placement in mainstream schools
Special educational needs - transport
Speed bumps - see Road safety - speed humps
Spillages - see Road safety - spillages
Sports Clubs in the Selby District
Sports Funding
Sports in the Selby District
St Marys Church - Tadcaster
Stamp Duty - Am I Exempt?
Standards Committee
State of the Area Address 2014
Statement of Accounts - see Accounts of Selby District Council
Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)
Stillbirth - registering
Strategic Environmental Assessment & Sustainability Appraisal
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) 2011
Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2009
Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA) 'Call for Sites' 2013
Strategic Themes & Priorities of Selby District Council
Strategies & Service Plans - see Service Plans & Strategies
Stray Dogs Service - see Dog Warden Service
Street Cafes - see Licensing - Street Cafes
Street Collections - please see our Licensing - Street Collections page
Street furniture - provision and maintenance
Street Lighting
Street Litter Bins & Dog Bins
Street Naming & Numbering Register
Street Parties - please see Licence - Street Parties
Street Scene - Home Page
Street Scene - Pest Control & Grounds Maintenance
Street Scene - Question & Answers
Street Scene - Recycling
Street Scene - Waste
Street Trading - Illegal
Student awards
Student loan
Student Loans and Support - see the Education page for links to information
Submission Draft - Core Strategy
Submission Draft Core Strategy Jan 2011 - Responses
Supervising attendance orders
Supervision orders
Supplementary Planning Documents
Support for adults with HIV
Support for children with HIV
Supporting People
Supporting vulnerable people
Supporting young people leaving care
Surveying (Major Repairs)
Sustainable Community Strategy 2010 - 2015
Syringes - see Drug-Related Litter
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