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Parent Centres - see the Education page for links to information
Parenting orders
Parish Councils - General Information
Parking - Estates
Parking Enforcement - Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE)
Parking Permits for the Disabled
Parks & Open Spaces
Parole reports
Patient transport
Pavements - maintenance
Pavements - obstructions
Pavements - personal injury
Pavements - stolen slabs
Paying for Selby District Council Services
Pedestrian Crossings
Peer Review Group
Performance - see Annual Performance
Performance Plan - see Annual Delivery Plan
Personal Transport for the Disabled - see Social Services
Personnel - see Human Resources Unit
Pest Control
Pet care when hospitalised
Petrol - delivery and storage
Planning - Contact Details
Planning - Enforcement
Planning - Enforcement Notices 1996-2004
Planning - Enforcement Notices 2005 onwards
Planning - transport policy
Planning & Design Guides
Planning Appeals
Planning Applications
Planning Applications - Businesses
Planning Applications - Guidance - please see Development Management - Applications
Planning Committee
Planning Development Briefs
Planning Guidance
Planning Permission - Do I Need It?
Planning Policy - see Development Policy for information
Plans & Strategies
Play Strategy
Playgrounds for Children
Police - Neighbourhood Policing
Police and Crime Commissioners - please see our Elections - Police and Crime Commissioners page
Policy & Resources Committee
Policy Review Committee
Pollution - Permits - please see our Environmental Permitting page
Postal & Proxy Voting
Potholes - Roads
Power of attorney - applications
Preparing for emergencies
Preventative services - young children
Primary school admissions
Priorities for SDC - please see Strategic Themes & Priorities of Selby District Council
Private & Voluntary Sector Involvement
Private Club Late Night Licences - see Licensing Act 2003
Private Nurseries - Nursery Grants
Private Property Compulsory Acquisition
Probation - social service support
Procurement - see Selling to the Council and Procurement Policies
Profiles Health and Fitness Centre
Project Loans for Teachers - see the Education page for links to information
Psychology, psychiatry or social work services
Public Access
Public Entertainment Licences - see Licensing Act 2003
Public Health
Public Health - Housing
Public Registers
Public Rights of Way
Public Toilets
Public Transport - Information & Advice
Publication Scheme of Selby District Council
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