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Canals & Waterways
Car Parks - Council
Car Parks - Excess Charge Notices
Car Parks - see Parking in the Selby District
Caravan & Campsite Licensing - see Licensing - Caravan and Campsites
Caravan Site Occupier - see Licensing - Caravan and Campsites
Care - alternative providers
Care - at home
Care - home assessment
Care ambassadors
Care in the Community
Carer support groups and organisations
Catteries - see Animal Boarding Establishments
CCTV cameras - see Town Centre Management
Chairman of the Council - see Council - Chairman of the Council
Chaperone service
Charges & Fees - please see Fees & Charges for Council Services
Chief Executive of SDC - see Chief Officers at Selby District Council
Chief Officers at Selby District Council
Child Care - see the Education page
Child protection
Child protection orders
Child Welfare - please see Social Services - Child Welfare
Childcare - out of school hours
Childcare - services for childminders
Child-minding information
Children and young people - immunisation
Children and young people - maintenance payments
Children and young people - parental custody
Children and young people - registration of responsibilities
Children in Care (Education) - see our Education page
Children's hearings
Children's hearings - supervision
Children's Work Permits and Licences - see our Education page
Chimney Height Approval
Choice Based Lettings - please see Housing - Housing Register - Choice Based Lettings
Churches in the Selby District
Cinema in the Selby District
Citizenlink - Residents' Newsletter
Citizens Advice Bureau - see Advice Centres
Citizenship ceremonies
Civil emergencies - business continuity advice
Civil emergencies - gas pipelines
Civil emergencies - social and psychological support
Civil Parking Enforcement - please see our Parking Enforcement - Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) page
Civil partnerships
Clinical Waste Collection - see Waste Collection for Clinical Disposal
Colleges and Further Education - see our Education page
Commercial Units (Council) - Lettings
Commercial waste - clinical waste disposal
Commercial Waste & Recycling - FAQ's
Commercial Waste Services - see Waste Collection for Businesses
Committee Room Booking at SDC - please see our Room Booking Service page
Common assessment framework
Common land and village green register
Community and day centres
Community Centres
Community Engagement Forums
Community Engagement Strategy
Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
Community rehabilitation order
Community reparation orders
Community Right to Bid
Community Right to Challenge
Community Safety
Community service orders
Community support groups and organisations
Community transport
Community Transport for Elderly or Disabled People - see Social Services
Community Transport Volunteers
Compact - see North Yorkshire Compact
Complaints - School Incidents - see our Education page
Complaints about Selby District Council
Composting - please see our Home Composting page
Compulsory Purchase Orders
Concessionary Travel Passes & Tokens - see Travel Passes & Tokens
Conservation Areas
Constitution of the Council
Construction Pollution
Consultation on the Proposed Amendments to the Planning Service Local Validation List Criteria
Consumer advice
Contaminated Land
Continuing professional development
Contracts - please see our Selling to the Council Guide and Procurement Policies page
Cooling Tower Notification - see Clean Air Act 1993
Cooling Tower Notification & Evaporative Condensers - Health & Safety
Co-operative Development
Cop Swaps Scheme - please see our Cop Swaps website
Core Strategy
Core Strategy - Archive
Core Strategy - Background Papers
Coroner Service
Coroners - sudden death investigations
Corporate parenting
Corporate Plan 2011-2015
Council - Agendas and Minutes
Council - Chairman of the Council
Council Garages
Council Housing - Modernisation Schemes - see Decent Homes
Council Housing - Nuisance/Threatening Behaviour
Council Housing - Right to Buy
Council Housing (Applying for..) - see Applying for a Council House
Council Mortgages
Council Service Plans & Strategies - see Service Plans & Strategies
Council Spending - please see our Expenditure over £500 page
Council Tax
Council Tax - Important information on Council Tax Bills
Council Tax & National Non-Domestic Rate - Finance, Facts and Figures 2014/2015
Council Tax Benefits - see Benefits
Council Tax Support
Councillor Code of Conduct & how to make a Complaint
Councillors' Declaration of Interest
Counter Fraud - see Benefit Fraud
Countryside - access land
Countryside - educational packs
Countryside - Information & Advice
Countryside - local access forum
Countryside - surveys
Countryside - visitor centres
Countryside - volunteers
Countryside and Green Space Strategy
Countryside conservation
Countryside management projects
County Councillors in the Selby District - see County Councillors
Court fines - supervision of payment
Credit Agency Licences
Credit Crunch Information
Credit unions
Crime - please see our Community Safety Partnership page
Curriculum - see our Education page
Cycling Proficiency - see Road Safety
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