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Current Consultations

Any consultations currently taking place will be displayed as an In Focus item on our home page.

Principles of consultation

Selby District Council is committed to:

  • listening to and acting upon the views of service users and the community, and
  • consulting with all sections of the community

All our consultations relate to decisions that the Council intends to make which can be influenced by the outcomes of consultation. All the consultations we carry out will be conducted in professional, appropriate and co-ordinated manner. Our consultation exercises are made up of an appropriate mix of creative, radical, innovative and traditional techniques.

Who Does Selby District Council consult?

Selby District Council consults with a very wide range groups across the District. This includes:

  • individuals
  • community and voluntary groups
  • Parish and Town Councils
  • clubs, and
  • organisations across the District

At Selby District Council, we use a very broad range of innovative and traditional qualitative and quantitative research and consultation methods.

How does Selby District Council consult?

We use a range of traditional and more creative methods, including:

  • postal questionnaire surveys
  • focus groups
  • public meetings
  • website surveys
  • email surveys 
  • vox pop interviews
  • forums
  • exit polls
  • press releases
  • market stalls satisfaction slips
  • emails
  • school student forums
  • 'Connexions' user groups, and
  • individual in depth interviews

You can email us with your feedback on both the website and the services we provide you.

What has been happening in the last year?

Selby District Council has continued to develop and improve its consultations with service users and the wider population using a broad methodological approach. As a result, Members have approved step change improvements to services and these have been carried out by Selby District Council officers.

Consultation with tenants

Our established strategy has helped tenants to become more involved in both decision making and the delivery of services. The Tenants' Forum continues to develop and consists of three groups of tenants in different parts of the District. A fourth group is planned.

Consultation with stakeholders

We regularly consult a wide range of interest groups, voluntary sector organisations and statutory agencies. We have also bought the North Yorkshire County Council Libraries Service Consultation Database. This helps us to provide consultation with the community which is more:

  • effective
  • appropriate, and
  • targeted
Consultation with Town and Parish Councils

We automatically consult elected representatives.

Fine tuning future consultations

At Selby District Council, we aim to improve the:

  • quality of our consultation, and
  • the impact it has on the District

Selby District Council has launched its World Wide Web consultations. It is now possible to log onto the Selby District Council website and complete surveys electronically via Snap Internet Survey Software.

We are also exploring mobile telephone SMS texting technology.

Consulting those who are not usually consulted

The Council is reaching out to all groups in the community. It is learning from the experiences of other local authorities, central government and the academic community.

Co-ordinating consultations

The Council is exploring ways of co-ordinating its consultation exercises with other local authorities and organisations in the region.

Mobile telephone technology

We are currently exploring texting and mobile telephone SMS technologies to improve the range of consultation.

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Contact NameAccess Selby
Telephone01757 705101
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