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Reporting dog fouling incidents

We make every effort to apprehend offenders. For the best results, it is essential that if you have any information, you pass it on to the Dog Warden without delay. If we can identify the offender, we can take the following action:

1. Verbal or written warning

In this case the witness would not be identified.

2. Formal action

In this case, the witness must be prepared to give a written statement and appear in court if needed. The witness must be able to identify the owner and the dog and also give details of the date, time and circumstances of the offence.

Photographic or video evidence is not essential but can be helpful in proving that the offence did take place. Any independent witness should also be identified. Your information will help to make the District a cleaner and healthier place to live.

More information

We have adopted the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996. Under this legislation it is an offence to fail to clear up the mess made by a dog which is in your charge on any designated land in Selby District. The maximum penalty for this offence is a fine of £1000.

Designated land in Selby District is all land in the open air to which the public have a right of access either by payment or not. Exceptions to designated land, where there is no offence are:

  • Carriageways with a speed limit greater than 40 mph and the land running alongside them.
  • Agricultural land or woodlands.
  • Marshland, moor or heath rural common land.

Note - The following will not be considered as a suitable excuse:

  • Being unaware of the fouling;
  • Not being with the dog at the time; or
  • Not having any suitable equipment to remove the mess.

This means that we have the potential to prosecute owners who let their dogs roam unattended.

The dangers from dog fouling

The UK has a dog population of approximately 7 million. It is estimated that these dogs produce 1000 tons of faeces every day. Faeces may contain the eggs of the dog round worm. There are several species of this worm but the most important is a worm called Toxocara Canis. This is potentially infective to humans and can cause ill health and eye problems. The infection in humans is called Toxocariasis.

When the round worm eggs contaminate the soil, they remain infective for approximately two years and are hard to destroy. The eggs are not visible to the naked eye and can be easily ingested by various means. Children are particularly at risk. The eggs can be transferred from contaminated land into the home on footwear.

Infection can be prevented by:

  • Disposing of faeces promptly and carefully worming puppies every 2 weeks from 2 weeks of age to 12 weeks, then at 6 months and every 3 - 6 months after that. Use the correct worming drug - (seek veterinary advice).
  • Worming all breeding bitches under the guidance of a vet.
  • Washing your hands before handling food; and
  • Washing children's hands after they have been handling soil or playing with pets. This is especially important before they handle food.
  • It is vital that all dogs are routinely wormed.

For further information on reporting dog fouling please contact our Dog Warden on 01757 292225 or to report dog mess online please click here.

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Telephone01757 705101 or 01757 292225
Fax01757 292322
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