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From May 2011 the Council has introduced a new Executive Structure. The aims are to speed-up the decision-making process, to make the Council more responsive to local needs, and to support all councillors to take a greater role in representing the needs of their local communities. The following diagram shows how each part of the new structure works.


The Executive develops and proposes policy for the Council and has the authority to take all decisions within the Budget and Policy Framework set by the Council, including Key Decisions. It comprises the Leader of the Council and four other councillors, although under the constitution of the Council this number can change.

Key decisions are defined as issues that have significant impact in two or more wards in the district, or have spending or saving implications of more than £150,000.

Please see the Executive Members page for details of the councillors on the Executive.

The Executive - Meetings page has the details of the agendas and minutes for these meetings.


The Council comprises 41 councillors, elected once every four years. The next District Council election will take place in 2015. The Council has asked the Local Government Boundary Commission to consider a reduction in the number of District Councillors in time for the 2015 elections.

All councillors meet together as the Council. Meetings of the Council are normally open to the public, although some information is exempt from the public session if this includes personal details of individuals or matters that are financially sensitive.

At these meetings councillors decide the authority's overall policies and set the budget each year. The Council ensures that the Leader and Executive act in accordance with the Budget and Policy Framework established by the Council and holds them to account for the decisions which they take.

Please see the Council - Agendas & Minutes page for further details.


The Council appoints three committees to deal with Overview and Scrutiny.

  1. The Policy Review Committee - to contribute to the development of new Council policy and review the effectiveness of existing Council policy.
  2. The Scrutiny Committee - to scrutinise decisions and performance and help hold the Leader and Executive to account.
  3. The Audit Committee - to scrutinise and monitor the Council's control, procedures and risk management systems. 

Each of the three Committees comprises a Chair and Vice Chair and up to seven other councillors appointed by the Council in accordance with rules on political balance. The Policy Review Committee and the Scrutiny Committee carry out the Councils statutory O & S functions.

Regulatory and other committees

These committees act within the policies established by the Council and deal with the regulatory functions of the council, as follows:

  1. Planning Committee - to deal with all planning issues, such as planning applications, as per Town and Country Planning legislation.
  2. Licensing and Appeals Committee - to deal with all licensing issues that are the responsibility of the District Council, such as the licensing of taxis and pubs.
  3. Standards Committee - to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by councillors.

In addition, the Council also supports five Community Engagement Forums in the district, which play an integral role in supporting communities to help themselves and shape their local services. Click here to find out more about Community Engagement Forums

Access Selby

Local services are delivered by Access Selby on behalf of Selby District Council.  Access Selby works at 'arm's length' from the Council, to enable it to deliver services in the most flexible way in order to make best use of resources.  This arrangement also enables the Council to effectively monitor the performance of local services through a contract arrangement with Access Selby. Click here to find out more.


Prior to the implementation of the Executive Structure the Council operated a number of Boards and Committees. In this archive section you can find out about the work of these groups in the lead up to April 2011.

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