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Selby District Core Strategy Local Plan

Legal Challenge

A legal challenge to the Selby District Core Strategy Local Plan was received on 03 December 2013. The challenge has been submitted by Samuel Smiths Old Brewery (Tadcaster) on a number of grounds.

The Council takes the view that the Core Strategy was adopted following a thorough Examination in Public before an Independent Planning Inspector who has already considered the issues raised in the challenge. The Council therefore intends to defend the challenge.

The hearing took place at the High Court in Leeds on the 10, 11 and 14 July 2014. The Judge will deliver his judgement in due course. This web page will be updated when the outcome is known.

Unless and until the Court quashes the Plan or orders that it be suspended pending a full trial of the issues raised by the challenge, the adopted Selby District Core Strategy Local Plan remains in force.

The challenge does not, in itself, change the status of the Plan in relation to the determination of planning applications. The Local Plan remains part of the Development Plan unless or until any part of it is remitted or quashed by the Courts and therefore, the Council will continue to use the adopted Selby District Core Strategy Local Plan as a means of determining planning proposals in the Selby District.


This page provides information about the Council's new Core Strategy which was adopted at a meeting of the Full Council on 22 October 2013. The Core Strategy is the long-term strategic vision for how the District will be shaped by setting out a number of broad policies to guide development.

The Core Strategy is the main document in the Council's suite of planning documents.  Please also refer to the Local Development Scheme and Local Plan pages.

The Core Strategy is available to download at the bottom of this page.

Core Strategy Adoption

A complete background to the development of the Core Strategy can be viewed on the Core Strategy Archive page and the Core Strategy EIP page, together with a number of accompanying documents and supporting evidence.

Selby District Council submitted its Core Strategy to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on 05 May 2011.  The Core Strategy was subject to Examination by an Independent Inspector, who assessed the legal compliance and soundness of the document.  The Inspector presented his report of findings on 19 June 2013 and found that the Core Strategy is Sound subject to a number of Modifications.

The Council adopted the Selby District Core Strategy Local Plan at its meeting on 22 October 2013.

This "Adoption" version of the Core Strategy shows the final wording that will be used in decision-making.  Please note that the Council intends to prepare a further version of the Core Strategy that will not change the content, but will be a professionally type-set and published "glossy" document.

The Inspector's Report that sets out the findings of the Examination In Public and a schedule of the Main Modifications (as requested by the Council) is available below.

An additional copy of the Core Strategy is also presented below that shows the main and additional modifications since the Submission Draft.  These are highlighted in a 'Tracked Changes' version to show how the Core Strategy has been amended throughout the Examination process.

The "Tracked Changes" version of the Core Strategy that sets out the main and additional modifications in full is the version that was put before Full Council on 22 October 2013.  It should be noted that the Adopted version is slightly different due to further minor typographical adjustments, as set out in the recommendations in the covering report.

The adopted Core Strategy and its accompanying documents are available for inspection at Access Selby Customer Contact Centre, 8-10 Market Cross, Selby YO8 4JS during Normal Opening Times, and at all public libraries in the District.

Alternatively, you may download the documents from the list below:

Next steps

Now that the Core Strategy has been adopted, the Local Development Scheme sets out the timetable for further planning documents which are being taken forward.  The main policy document the Council is progressing is the new Sites and Policies Plan (the SAPP). Please go to the SAPP page for further information.

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