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What is Housing Benefit?

Housing Benefit is a national Welfare Benefit to help you pay your rent if you are on a low income. It is sometimes called Rent Rebate if you live in a Council owned property and Rent Allowance or Local Housing Allowance if you live in a privately rented property.

Local Housing Allowance is a way of working out new claims for Housing Benefit for tenants renting accommodation from a private landlord.

There are special rules for Council and Housing Association Tenants of working age if you have a spare bedroom.

What is Council Tax Support?
Council Tax Support is is not a state benefit, but a Council Tax discount scheme.  Whilst those of pension age will not see any change, all working age people will see a reduction in the amount of support they receive for Council Tax. Click here to find out more.
Are you entitled?

If you would like an estimate of how much benefit you may be entitled to, please telephone us on 01757 292155 and ask for a 'trial assessment'. Then use the online form to make a claim.

Benefits Leaflets

We have a series of leaflets on different aspects of Housing Benefit. You can download these from the website.

  Print version 
Leaflet 1 - How to Claim Leaflet 1 Print - pdf
Leaflet 2 - Non-Dependant Deductions Leaflet 2 Print - pdf
Leaflet 3 - Overpayments Leaflet 3 Print - pdf
Leaflet 4 - Extended Payments Leaflet 4 Print - pdf
Leaflet 5 - Understanding our Decision and Making an Appeal Leaflet 5 Print - pdf
Leaflet 6 - Benefit on Two Homes Leaflet 6 Print - pdf
Leaflet 7 - Benefit when you are away from home Leaflet 7 Print - pdf    
Leaflet 8 - Will You Qualify? Leaflet 8 Print - pdf
Leaflet 9 - Persons from Abroad Leaflet 9   Print - pdf 
Leaflet 10 - When Will Your Benefit Start? Leaflet 10 Print - pdf
Leaflet 11 - Students Leaflet 11 Print - pdf
Leaflet 12 - Discretionary Housing Payments Leaflet 12 Print - pdf
Leaflet 13 - Changes in Circumstances Leaflet 13 Print - pdf
Leaflet 14 - Backdated Benefit Leaflet 14 Print - pdf
Leaflet 16 - Benefit Fraud Leaflet 16 Print - pdf
Leaflet 17 - Self Employed Leaflet 17 Print - pdf
Leaflet 18 - Benefit for People Who Work Leaflet 18 Print - pdf
Landlord's Guide to Local Housing Allowance Landlord's Guide - pdf
Making Payments Guide Making Payments Guide - pdf
Tenant's Guide to Local Housing Allowance Tenant's Guide - pdf
Landlord's Guide to Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit Landlord's Guide to Housing & Council Tax Benefit - pdf

See the Benefits Section Customer Charter - pdf.  Look at the Vision for the Benefits Section.  See what we are doing about Benefit Fraud.  Tell us about someone claiming fraudulently.

Contact us (see below), or Find out more about the following areas:

Second Adult Rebate

Details of when the Second Adult Rebate applies

Who can claim

This includes information about claiming whilst you are working and explains the special rules that apply to:

  • students
  • people from abroad
  • renting from a close relative or other family member
  • if you have savings over £16,000

People of working age are not able to receive Second Adult Rebate unless they are members of a student household where one or more people in receipt of Income Support, Pension Credit or an income-based Jobseeker's Allowance.  If anyone resident is not either a student or receiving one of these benefits, Second Adult Rebate cannot be claimed.

Where the person liable to pay Council Tax is of State Pension age they will still be able to claim Second Adult Rebate.

How to make a claim and the evidence and documents you need to give us

The type of forms you need to fill out and the evidence you will need to send us.

You can also make a claim using our online benefits claim form.

How much Benefit you will get and discretionary payments

How we work out your entitlement to Benefit and the areas where we cannot pay Benefit

Additional help

Starting or stopping your Benefit and Reviews

When your Benefit will start, including when we can backdate your claim.

When your Benefit will end, including Extended Payments. 

We also tell you here how we will review your claim.

How Benefit is paid

How you will receive your payments and what you should do if we overpay you.

Changes in your circumstances

Changes in your circumstances which you must tell us about.

Disputes and appeals

What you should do if you are unhappy about a decision we make.

Contact information

You can enquire about any aspect of claiming Council Tax or Housing Benefits online

If you need any information or advice please contact us by:

Phone on 01757 292155

Visiting Access Selby

Writing to us at:
Housing Benefits Section
Selby District Council
Civic Centre
Doncaster Road
North Yorkshire

Other useful numbers:

Council Tax Section
Tel : (01757) 292181
Civic Centre
Selby District Council

Council House Rents
Tel: (01757) 292164
Civic Centre
Selby District Council

Pensions Service
Tel: 0845 606 0265 (for pension-age customers) 

Jobcentre Plus
Tel: 0800 0556688 (for working-age customers)

HM Revenue and Customs (for Tax Credits)
Tel : 0845 300 3900

You can get unbiased and independent advice from the following organisations:

Citizen's Advice Bureau
Tel: 0845 120 3718

Age Concern
Tel: (01757) 704115 (if you are over pension age)

12 Park Street 
Tel: 01757 210495
Fax: 01757 290427
e-mail: selbydial@tiscali.co.uk

Leaflets and Brochures

Please note that we stock a wide range of Social Security Benefit leaflets and booklets. Booklets are also available in large print. These include:

  • Pension Credits, Benefit for the sick and disabled; and 
  • information for carers.

Fair Processing Notice

Fair Processing Notice - information on this is available on our dedicated page.

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Contact NameBenefit Section
Telephone01757 292155
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