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arrowElections 2007 - Parishes A-H

The count of votes polled will commence at 10am on Friday, 4th May. The results will be displayed here as soon as the votes have been counted.

 Parish  Votes Polled  Result
 Acaster Selby
 Roger BIRKLEY    
 Appleton Roebuck
 David Frank KNOWLES    
 Peter LAWRENCE    
 Neil MCVEY    
 George Trevor PHILLIPS    
 Harold PHILLIPS    
 Keith SCOTT    
 Nigel John ANDREWS    
 Ray DUNNING    
 Martin FALKINGHAM    
 Kenneth Cecil RONKSLEY    
 Anthony Martin WOODWARD    
 Barkston Ash
 Jeanette BERESFORD    
 Nicolas BERESFORD    
 Paula CARLING    
 Richard Paul Colbert HINDE    
 Kathleen Mary LIGHTFOOT    Withdrawn
 Gwyneth STEPHENSON    Withdrawn
 Gordon Edmondson WHALLEY    
 Andrew Ross WILSON    
 Barlby Bridge
 Paul WELCH    
 Barlby - Osgodby Ward
 Malcolm Rex MINGS    
 Mark Jeremy SCARR    
 Barlby Village
 Stephanie Annette DUCKETT    
 Jon Anthony EASTWOOD    
 Brian MARSHALL    
 Duncan RIMMER    
 James Eric STOCKDALE    
 Ann BANKS    
 Ian Michael CAGE    
 Julia COOK    
 Christine Margaret IVEL    
 John Bernard IVEL    
 Stephen Richard PENN    
 Lyn AMERIGO    
 Sonia GILL    
 Sandra HILLS    
 Trevor Arthur KNIGHT    
 Martin PARROTT    
 Keith WESTWOOD    
 Tony BOWEY    
 Christopher HARTLEY    Withdrawn
 Linda Catherine HOLBROOK    
 Yvonne Claire MASON    
 Stephen Thomas PROCTOR    
 Kevin WAITE    
 Peter ALLANSON    
 Bolton Percy
 Denise Patricia FORD    
 Terence Michael LYONS    
 Kathleen RHODES    
 David Stewart ROBINSON    
 David Ian RUSSELL    
 John Arthur TAYLOR    
 Jackie BENNETT    
 Ian John CHILVERS    
 Judith Ann CHILVERS    
 Brian COOK    
 Thomas Christopher CRESHAM    
 Vyvyan Michael GRIFFITHS    
 Tom HILTON    
 Iain Alan NUTT    
 Anthony Jude THURLOW    
 Jim WELLS    
 Steven BOOTH    
 John CLARKSON    
 Stephaine Mary GILBERT    
 Kenneth HARRISON    
 Eric HUNTER    
 Robert MILNER    
 Alfred MURRAY    
 Wendy SERVANT    
 Donald Brian SIMPSON    
 Margaret SMITH    
 David WADDING    
 David BELLAMY    
 Eileen BOLDAN    
 Linda GREGORY    
 Gordon Michael HOLMES    
 Clive Ian LESTER    
 Wendy MAIN    
 Christopher PHILLIPSON    
 Burton Salmon
 Michael Wilson FARR    
 Colin Jonas HORSFALL    
 Byram Cum Sutton
 See Note below  
 Christopher LEWIS    
 Eileen Jean NEALE    
 James Edward NEALE    
 Susan WALSH    
 Kevin WILD    
 Margaret Elaine CLAYTON     
 David CRABTREE    
 John Richard EVERATT    
 Margaret HULME    
 Peter David LEEK    
 Morris Leslie LEWIS    
 Rodney Bernard PRICE    
 Jack THEWLIS    
 No Candidates  No Contest
 Michael Anthony COWLING    
 Ian DERSLEY    
 Cathy DUCKWORTH    
 Colin HEATH    
 Joan Kathleen HICKS    
 Susan MILES    
 Phil MUSSON    
 Margaret SQUIRES    
 Chapel Haddlesey
 Phil BRUNYARD    


 Maureen LANGHAN    
 Myrtle Yvonne SKIRROW    
 Janet SMITH    
 Church Fenton
 Craig BLAFEY    
 Carol Terry MORBEY    
 Simon PEACOCK    
 Margaret ROBINSON    
 Andrew Paul WHARTON    
 Trevor John ALLAN    
 Brian Laurence BELLORD    
 Matt BUSBY    
 Sandra Margaret BUSBY    
 Gerry CARROLL    
 Howard William CROSS    
 Paul Victor DUGHER    
 John Jowitt THRALL    
 Stewart Hugh Robert STEELE    
 Keith TOWERS    
 Cridling Stubbs
 Jenny ADAMS    
 Bryan Leslie CROSSDALE    
 Michael Anthony SHEPHERD    
 Moira WILLIAMS    
 Carl WILSON    
 Geofffrey CLARK    
 Ian FENTON    
 David Roderick Wood PERRY    
 Barbara Mary PINDER    
 Gail Elaine WHITTON    
 Raymond NEWELL    
 Lesley Carol RUXTON    
 Jack WILDERS    
 Kath WILDERS    
 No Candidates  No Contest
 Alan CROFT    
 Sheila Margaret HAWKING    
 Eamonn Martin MOHANS    
 Helen Louise SLACK    
 No Candidates  No Contest
 Ronald Arthur BACON    
 David Burras    
 Roy CLARKE    
 William Gordon CROAD    
 Dennis HEALEY    
 Louise HOLLAND    
 Meryl MCCOY    
 Ingrid MILLINGTON    
 David Antony WILSON    
 No Candidates  No Contest
 Lynne HALL    
 Florence Mary HIORNS    
 John LUMB    
 Janet Ann WRIGHT    
 David BILTON    
 Sheila BYGRAVE    
 Colin ANdrew CHILVERS    
 Roland Bernard CHILVERS    
 Kenneth William MCCANN    
 Neil Charles PICKERING    
 Martin Gregory SENIOR    
 Mary Catherine LAURENSON    
 Stephen Mountfort LAURENSON    
 Gary MASON    
 Howard Francis Buchanan NEWITT    
 Neil REESON    
 Andrew ROTHWELL    
 Dennis TREDGETT    
 John Francis VAUSE    
 Katharine Sharon COLE    
 Kirsten Maria HUNTER    
 Daniel James SELIER-SMITH    
 Donna Marie TONKS    
 Hirst Courtney
 Pete ADDINELL    
 Paul COLECHIN    
 Ian Redfern FORBES    
 Alan Christopher MCGUIGAN    
 Charles Albert WILSON    
Byram Cum Sutton

The Electoral numbers given for the Candidate, the Proposer and the Seconder were incorrect.  Therefore the paper is invalid and an election will be held at a later date.

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