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Planning Service Improvements

January 2014
Selby District Council's Planning Service announced important improvements to the way it works in response to feedback from customers.

The new service began on Monday 27 January. Householders and residents are now able to book appointments to meet planners at the Access Selby Customer Contact Centre, Selby. The new Duty Officer Service was also extended from 2 to 5 days a week.

Please click here for further information

Development Management deals with the following matters:

  • Applications for development of land and buildings;
  • Planning appeals;
  • Breaches of planning control; and
  • Providing planning information, advice and guidance.

As part of our service to the public, we offer a number of online planning services. These include:

1. View Planning Advice & Guidance

Please see the following link for details and guidance relating to the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 2007:

Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers - pdf

2. Pre-Application Advice

3. Make a Planning Application, including Payment of Fees

If you require site location or site layout plans, they can be purchased by clicking on the following button. These forms are to be printed off and completed. You cannot complete the form online. If you wish to submit an online planning application please do so via the Planning Portal.

Further information is also available in the following document:

For all Applications

Local Lists 

North Yorkshire Local List Planning Applications

Selby District Council is pleased to announce the introduction of the new North Yorkshire Local List for the validation of planning applications.

This document has been prepared in conjunction with the majority of the North Yorkshire authorities and will provide a single standard for the submission of documentation to make a planning application valid.

Selby District Council will formally be using the list as of Monday 6th June 2011. Up until this date, planning applications can be submitted using the existing local and national list. After the 6th June 2011, planning applications will not be validated if they are not accompanied by the correct local list or do not comply fully with its requirements.

Applicants should note that the validation requirements of the Council have changed since the collation of the following validation lists as a result of the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) on the 27th March 2012.

The NPPF replaces the suite of Planning Policy Statements (PPS's) and Planning Policy Guidance Notes (PPG's) and now, along with the guidance in the Technical Guidance Note, and Policy for Traveller Sites, provides the national guidance on planning and as a result of Annex 1 paragraph 216 weight is afforded to emerging policies which in this Authority's case is the Core Strategy which is part of the Local Development Framework (LDF).

Applicants are therefore advised that in collating their applications submissions should refer to the policies in the NPPF and also those in the Core Strategy in terms of the Design & Access Statements and the technical reports forming part of the application as well as the Regional Spatial Strategy and the 2005 Selby District Local Plan. The Council will be reviewing the Validation Lists in due course, but they are available below to assist in application collation only at this time.

Application Forms and Guidance  

The following application forms are available. From 06 June 2011 planning applications will not be validated if they are not accompanied by the correct local list or do not comply fully with its requirements.

If you do not send all the information we need your application will be deemed invalid.

3. View Existing Planning Applications (weekly lists)

You can view existing applications online using Public Access.The service has a number of facilities including the ability to:

  • View applications registered at the Council  
  • View associated documents including Application Drawings and Attachments

4. Comment on a Planning Application 

You can comment on individual applications online using Public Access. In the case of a householder application, please be aware that should the applicant appeal against any decision made by Selby District Council and choose the Householder fast track process, you will not be allowed to make any further comments at that time.

Therefore, your letter needs to cover all the points you wish to raise at application stage for the inspector to consider your points. If the applicant chooses not to go down the fast track route, you will be notified of any appeal and will be allowed to make further comments at that time.

Powers delegated to officers to deal with planning applications - pdf

5. Planning Appeals

You can view details of all appeals made from December 1st 2005 on-line. These are updated daily.

Appeals are made to the First Secretary of State in England or, for applications relating to land or property in Wales, to the National Assembly for Wales. All appeals are administered by the Planning Inspectorate.

You can now make, track and search for certain kinds of appeals online using the Planning Casework Service via the Planning Portal website. The Planning Portal also has comprehensive information on making an appeal which you should read before making an appeal. Access the appeals section of the Planning Portal website.

6. Decisions Register

You can use Public Access to view individual notices of decisions, which include the reasons for refusal or giving permission. This information is updated daily.

7. View Officers' Reports, Committee Meeting Schedules and Records of Committee Meetings Online

To view any of these online, please visit the Planning Committee home page.

8. Selby District Local Plan/Local Development Framework

You can view the Local Plan online at the Planning Portal. This allows you to view the development plan text and the proposals map. The proposals map is also linked to each relevant policy for ease of use.

The Local Development Framework can also be viewed online.

9. Town & Country Planning Act 1990

Article 3 - This refers to the joint planning committee for Greater London under Section 5 of the local Goverment Act 1985.

Article 4 - This refers to areas in a National Park outside a Metropolitan County and land in the Broads.

These articles are not relevant to Selby District Council as we do not have any of the above in our district. For help with application form and fee enquiries please email - plansprocessingteam@selby.gov.uk.

For all other general planning enquiries please use the details below.

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Contact NameAccess Selby
Telephone01757 705101
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