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"To improve the life of those who live and work in the district".

Our mission statement guides us when we develop all our strategies and policies.  

Corporate Plan 2011/2015 

State of the Area Address 2014

Corporate Plan 2011/2012 - pdf - this plan is intended to explain to members of the public, to councillors, to partner organisations and to our staff what the council believes its overall purpose and goals should be over the next two years.

Selby District Council Priorities 2011/12 - pdf - this document details the Council's Themes and Priorities for 2011/12.

Selby District Council's Annual Report - This report gives you a chance to find out about our work over the past year and also review how we have spent your money to deliver public services.

Annual Performance 2007/2008

Corporate Self Assessment 2008 - The self assessment gives an overview of the Council's work in the lead up to the recent Audit Commission inspection, under which the Council was awarded the highest possible 'excellent' rating from the independent Audit Commission for its services, financial management and the way it reflects the needs of the local community. The Council's assessment formed an important part of the overall review process.

Sustainable Community Strategy 2010/2015 - This is a top level strategic document prepared in partnership with other organisations. The Sustainable Community Strategy is the main strategy for this district and sets out what we aim to do and how we will achieve it.

Service Plans & Strategies
The links below will either take you straight to the policy or will take you to another page on the website, with more information about the policy and a link to download it.

Constitution & Council

Ten Year Vision - pdf - describes our vision of where we feel the area served by SDC should be in ten years time. We then outline the tasks we need to undertake to achieve that vision.

Asset Management Strategy 2012/2015 - The objective of the Strategy is to ensure that every opportunity is taken to fully utilise the benefits of our assets.

Constitution - The Constitution sets out the rules and procedures by which we will abide in pursuing our Mission - "To improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the District."

State of the Area Address 2010 - An annual address presented by the Leader of Selby District Council - Councillor Mark Crane.

Code of Practice on Corporate Governance - pdf - the system by which local authorities direct and control their functions and relate to their communities.

Community Engagement Strategy 2008/2011- pdf - states that we and our partners will help people to 'take part in, influence and contribute to the future of their local community.

Community Safety

Selby District Community Safety Partnership Plan - 2011/2012 - pdf - This plan sets out the expectations of the Selby District Community Safety Partnership, what it will deliver over the next three years, the resources available, how performance will be measured and will act as one of the mechanisms to communicate to local people.


Complaints, Compliments and Comments Policy - pdf - outlines the corporate complaints procedure and details how a complaint is fully investigated in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

Countryside Management

DRAFT FOR COMMENT: The Countryside and Green Space Strategy provides a strategic framework for the sustainable development and management of such assets in the District.  It follows national guidance and learning, and complements the county-wide approach to countryside and green space management.

Economic Development

Economic Development Strategy 2008/2013 - The Strategy reflects the Council's and Local Strategic Partnership's (LSP) desire for Selby District's economy, which is vibrant, dynamic and intelligent. The Strategy has been refined to focus on deliverable priorities where we, Selby District Council, can add value and make a difference. 


Corporate Enforcement Policy - pdf - this policy sets out a definitive approach to Access Selby's enforcement work.

Human Resources

Anti Fraud, Theft and Corruption Policy Statement - pdf - provides an understanding of the Council's stance on fraud, theft and corruption in relation to the Council's activities, members, employees and those undertaking the Council's business.

Equality and Diversity Policy - pdf - aims to complement Selby District Council's corporate Equality and Diversity policies whilst providing specific guidance on how the Housing Service Unit can ensure equality and diversity is at the heart of all its practices.

Promoting Equal Opportunities - pdf - gives guidance and advice on how to use equal opportunities policies and to show what contractors who want to provide us with goods and services must do.

Generic Equality and Diversity Scheme 2008/2011 - pdf - addresses the widening equality duty around age, race, disability, gender, religion and belief and sexual orientation. 

Corporate Equality Plan - 2008/2011 - pdf - sets out the Council's equality priorities in terms of employment and service delivery and is evidence of the Council's determination to increase equality of opportunity for the people of Selby District.

Workforce Development Strategy - pdf - draws together strategically all that the Council does to attract, retain, support and develop its people to meet its priorities.


Medium Term Financial Strategy - pdf - This document sets out the Council's financial strategy for the three years 2012/13 to 2014/15 within the context of the Council's longer term financial position. It provides the strategic framework for medium term financial planning and annual budget setting.

Financial Strategy 2007/10 - pdf - sets out the financial challenges facing the Council 2007/10 and outline the means by which the Council will seek to address them.

Health & Safety

Smokefree Enforcement Policy - pdf - sets out an enforcement policy consistent with the Central and Local Government Enforcement Concordat which Selby District Council has adopted.


Responsive Repairs Policy - pdf - covers the day to day repairs service provided by Selby District Council for repairs that are reported, require remedial work and are outside of the modernization and cyclical repairs programmes.

Customer Charter for Housing Repairs 2009/2010 - pdf - a customer charter is our promise of how we will respond when you ask for a repair. It tells you what to expect when you report a repair, how long you will have to wait before work starts and what we will do to make sure that the quality of work is of a high standard.

Housing Strategy

Private Housing Assistance Policy - this policy includes; Private Housing Enforcement Policy, Empty Homes Strategy and Home Energy Conservation Act Strategy.

Homelessness Strategy - This strategy sets out the way partners throughout North Yorkshire will work together to prevent homelessness and to improve services for the homeless across the whole county over the next five years.

Affordable Housing Economic Viability Assessment - The economic viability has been undertaken using a bespoke valuation model specifically designed for the purpose of testing affordable housing policies and scenarios to assist the Council in assessing the appropriateness and robustness of its affordable housing policy. 

Housing Development Strategy 2013 - This Development Strategy sets out Selby District Council's plans to contribute to the development of additional affordable housing in the district.

Housing Revenue Account Business Plan 2012 to 2017 - pdf


ICT Strategy 2010/2015 - pdf - provides an overarching framework in which ICT will be delivered across the council. It outlines the vision for the provision of ICT services and sets the direction for the implementation and use of ICT systems and supporting infrastructure.


Sports and Cultural Strategy 2006/2011 - pdf - the aim of the Sport and Cultural Strategy is to provide a document that can influence all those who have a role to play in improving quality of life within Selby District.

Play Strategy 2007/2011 (reviewed Dec 08) - pdf 1.9Mb - sets out a framework for developing our aspirations and plans to improve play opportunities for all our children and young people.

Licensing Policy

Revised Licensing Policy 2011 - doc - the aim of the Policy is to strike a balance securing the safety and amenity of residential communities, members of the public living, working or engaged in normal activity in and around the district and encouraging a sustainable entertainment and cultural industry.


Biodiversity Action Plan - The Selby Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) is intended to raise awareness of the issues and problems associated with a range of habitats and species.

Recreational Open Space Strategy - The District Council has developed this Recreation Open Space Strategy in order to provide a comprehensive framework for the auditing, assessment and future provision of recreation open space, including children's play areas, outdoor sports and other community outdoor recreation facilities across the District.

Selby District Local Plan - The Local Plan develops and underpins many of the aims and objectives of the Council. It provides a comprehensive land-use framework for promoting, co-ordinating and controlling future development.

Selby Town Design Statement - The Design Statement provides a guide to the character of the town. It also makes recommendations on how to encourage new development that enhances and compliments what already exists.


Energy Efficiency Strategy

Home Energy Conservation Act - pdf - Under the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995, we are required to publish a report which shows how we intend to tackle home energy conservation in the coming years.

Contaminated Land Strategy 

Climate Change Strategy 2008/2013 - pdf 1.3Mb - aims to raise awareness of the issues surrounding climate change and to reduce the District Council's contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions. It sets out how this will be achieved through working closely in partnership with local government, local organisations and businesses and with active community participation.


Procurement Strategies  

Reviews & Audits

Peer Review Group Report - pdf 

Direction of Travel Assessment (Audit Commission 1/2007) - pdf - this tool draws together performance information that is relevant to improvement and will help to inform Relationship Managers (RM) assessment of direction of travel.

Annual Audit & Inspection Letter (Audit Commission 3/2008) - pdf - provides an overall summary of the Audit Commission's assessment of the Council, drawing on audit, inspection and performance assessment work.

Direction of Travel (SDC 10/2007) - pdf - Selby District Council is committed to an on-going programme of service development and
innovation to ensure that the authority can deliver the best possible services for residents that are easy for them to access and are cost effective for the authority to deliver.


Risk Management Strategy 2007/2008 - pdf - sets out a strategy for implementing and embedding risk management within Selby District Council.

Waste & Recycling

Waste Minimisation, Management & Recycling Strategy 2006/2010 - pdf - follows on from the previous 'Recycling & Waste Management Strategy 2003 - 2006' and addresses Selby District Council's plans and aspirations for the next four years.

Waste Minimisation Strategy    

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