Selby District Site Allocations Local Plan - consultation comments form

What's happening?

The Council is preparing a Site Allocations Local Plan. It will identify enough land for the homes and jobs and other development needs in the District over the next ten years.

The Site Allocations document forms part of the process and asks for views on a wide range of sites, to ensure everyone has an opportunity to be involved in developing the detailed approach and helping decide exactly which sites we will need to allocate at the next stage.

This consultation is not a draft plan - the full Draft Site Allocations Local Plan will be published next year for consultation.

The consultation ends on 27 November 2017.

Deadline for comments

You can submit your views by completing the online form below.

Online comments must be submitted by no later than noon on 27 November 2017.

Your comments will be acknowledged either via email or in writing.


Personal Details 

For your comments to be accepted you must complete the contact details below. 

Please provide your agents details, if appropriate. 

Please note:

Following your response, we will add your contact details to our database so that we can keep you informed of progress. It will be helpful if you provide an email address so we can contact you electronically.

Comments Area and New Site Proposal

For each comment you wish to make please ensure you list the following:

  • question number
  • topic / chapter
  • paragraph number 



New site proposed

If you have a site you wish to submit to us for potential inclusion as an allocation for new development, please complete all the sections above as well as a site submission form and attach a site location plan identifying the site in red.

The site submission form can be found on the Site Submissions webpage. 


Comment Submission Statement 

Your comments and some personal identifying details will be published in a public register and cannot be treated confidentially. Where practical, personal identifiers may be redacted, however Selby District Council cannot guarantee that all identifiers will be removed prior to publication of consultation records.

Your personal information will only be used for the purpose for which it was given, which is to ensure your comment is recorded, to contact you regarding your comments and to keep you informed of the preparation of the Council’s Local Plan and of further opportunities to get involved.

By submitting a comment on the Pool of Sites Consultation, you confirm that you agree to this and accept responsibility for your comments.