Parish Council - 7 seats

MEETINGS are held bi-monthly in the Village Hall on the second Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held in January, March, May, July, September and November.

Please note that the March meeting will be on Tuesday 21 March 2017 (not Tuesday 14 March as previously advertised).

Registers of Interest


Mrs Rebecca Davison - The Orchards, Back Lane, Bilbrough, York, YO23 3PL -


John Dawson - Details below.


Suzanne Barker - Arden Grange, Bilbrough, York, YO23 3PH

Paddy Bowes - Mayfield House, Cat Lane, Bilbrough, YO23 3PN

John Dawson - Meadow House, Old Manor Gardens, Bilbrough, York, YO23 8NE

Robert Elshaw - Permac, Main Street, Bilbrough, York, YO23 3PH

Holly Knight - Sarratt, Cat Lane, Bilbrough, York, YO23 3PJ

Julie Warriner - 20 Back Lane, Bilbrough, York, YO23 3PL