Council Tax

Latest news

We've set a Council Tax increase of just 10p per week for an average-sized home in the district, which enables us to invest in supporting future homes and business growth whilst still driving through significant savings and efficiencies.  From 1 April, the cost of the District Council’s part of the charge will be £170.22 for a Band D home - this is an increase of just £5 over the whole year.  Band D is the average-sized property.  Your Council Tax goes to fund other public services too, and they have separate planned increases on their parts of the charge.  Find out more.

Understanding your Council Tax

Use these pages to find out about how much Council Tax is for different types of homes and how you can pay your Council Tax.  There are also details about what your Council Tax is used for.

The amount you pay in Council Tax is set for a whole year, which runs from April to March.  Most people pay by monthly instalments, for 10 months.  This is really easy to do by Direct Debit.

Click on the buttons below to find out what you need to know about your Council Tax.  Here are full details about how it works.

You can also find out more about how we spend Council Tax in our annual report.

Keeping safe

Occassionally we're heard of people using Council Tax as a way of trying to get money fraudulently.  We want to make you aware of some of the things we know about.

  • Receiving a telephone call from people claiming to be working for us and promising a refund of Council Tax if you give them your bank details. We will never contact you to ask for your bank details.  Please don't give out these details over the phone.
  • A company charging a fee to appeal against your Council Tax band.  You do not need to pay anyone to appeal against your Council Tax band, you can do it yourself.

If you're in any doubt whether a call you receive is genuine, please just ask for the caller's name and tell them you will call them back.  Put down the phone and call us on 01757 705101.