Local List of Validation Requirements for Planning and Related Applications


What is a Local List…

For a planning or related application to be deemed valid it has to contain a minimum amount of information. Some of that is determined by central government requirements, but much is also contained within a so-called “Local List” prepared and updated by our Planning Department. The Local List tends to require information that relates specifically to local planning policy.
Local Lists speed up the planning process by spelling out clearly what is, and what is not, needed to make a particular application valid. And to do this effectively they need to be kept up-to-date. 

Why we are consulting…

Our existing Local List dates from 2011 and needs amending to bring it in line with the latest government guidance. So we have produced a draft amendment for consultation.  At the moment the draft comprises three separate documents. One of the main suggestions is that the final list becomes a primarily web-based resource, with convenient links to the sections most relevant to the different application types. 

How to get involved...

Listening and responding to your views is important and therefore we welcome your comments. In this case we would be particularly keen to hear your views on the following:
  • Would publishing the final Local List as a primarily web-based resource be useful?
  • Does the draft Local List contain requirements that you consider to be unnecessary?
  • Is the draft Local List missing requirements that you consider would be important in terms of speeding up the validation and determination of applications? 
  • Are there requirements in the draft Local List where you think that the triggers for making an application valid are unreasonable, imprecise or otherwise unworkable? 
  • Where a particular local requirement is required do you think that the draft Local List could usefully add triggers that would make the final document easier to use? 
Please email your comments ppu@selby.gov.uk or write to us – Planning Validation Checklist Consultation, Development Management, Civic Centre, Doncaster Road, Selby, YO8 9FT. 
If you would like to discuss the draft documents then please contact Andrew Martin, Principal Planning Officer on 01757 705101.
The consultation will run until for six weeks ending on 06 April 2018.