Economic Development Strategy 2016-2020

District Economic Development Strategy

We've been putting together a strategy to support business growth in our area.  It sets out the things we need to do to create a thriving and prosperous district, and a place that feels welcoming to businesses, people and visitors to our area.

The is our 'Economic Development Strategy 2016-2020 and beyond…'

We believe our area can be an important part of the Northern Powerhouse. The Northern Powerhouse is the idea that businesses based here in the north of England can support economic growth across the whole country.

The aim of our strategy is to create new job opportunities and open up the best possible prospects for people who live in our area and the businesses that are based here.

The strategy talks about the things we will do and how we will do them.  These things are organised into three areas.  These areas are based on the Council's overall ambitions for our district.

  • Making Selby District a great place… for enterprise and business growth
  • Making Selby District a great place… to live and work
  • Making Selby District a great place… to achieve your potential

We've talked to a lot of people about this work, and we asked people for comments on what we want to do.  This consultation ran until 12 October.  We're now looking at these comments to see if what people have said changes our plans.


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