DBAW-Our plans for 2018:

We're putting plans in place for the legacy for the Don't be a Waster project. We're taking the four most popular elements of the campaign and will work on a new 2018 campaign.

We'll have campaigns around:

Spring - Litter

Summer - Fly tipping

Autumn - Dog Fouling

Winter - Recycling

Unlike 2017 where each month had a different focus, in 2018 we'll focus on each of these issues for three months. We're putting plans together right now, and we have lots of ideas, but we'd welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas. Please email communications@selby.gov.uk to let us know what you'd like us to look at. This campaign has only worked because of the strong community support from local schools, residents and businesses. Please help us keep it going by getting in touch and supporting the campaign.