Data protection

The Data Protection Act 1998 covers how information about living identifiable persons is used.

The Council has to process information in order to deliver and improve services to Selby district residents. The Data Protection Act says that any personal data we collect and hold about you has to be:

  • processed fairly and lawfully;
  • used only for the purposes we tell you about when you give it to us, and not for any incompatible purpose;
  • accurate, relevant and not excessive;
  • kept secure and not kept longer than necessary;
  • not shared with anyone else unless you have given your consent or we are allowed to do so by law

Subject access requests

The Data Protection Act gives you the right to access any information that we hold about you. You can get this by making a "Subject Access Request" on the form below. Please refer to the guidance notes before completing.

Useful Links

The Information Commissioner's Office aims to develop respect for the private lives of individuals and encourage the openness and accountability of public authorities, by

  • promoting good information handling practice and enforcing data protection and freedom of information legislation, and
  • seeking to influence national and international thinking on privacy on information access issues

The Legislation website aims to demystify the workings of the Data Protection Act and explains how it will affect you.