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Ex-Forces Support North Yorkshire

A range of help and support for past members of the armed forces over 65.

Community First Yorkshire are rolling out a range of services aimed at raising awareness of the issues faced by older and ex-members of the armed forces and enabling them to lead fuller lives.

Funded by the Aged Veterans Fund at the Ministry of Defence, by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds, they are committed to contributing to the existing support available for older veterans and offering something new.

The partnership is experienced in working with older people and tackling issues such as poor health and wellbeing, loneliness, isolation, and confidence. The services available will be a mixture of practical, financial, and holistic support – from hardship grants to arts and crafts to befriending. Veterans will have the opportunity to try new things, revisit old interests, or benefit from new or improved connections in their community.

Their passion is to raise the profile of older veterans and all they have contributed to society, respond to their needs, put the right support in place, and enable them to continue to contribute to us in the ways they would like to.

The White Rose Home Improvement Agency will be working closely with Community First Yorkshire along with other delivery partners and service charities to carry out this work. Through the Well Being and Handyperson Services they will carry out a home visit and look at ways in which they can help you to;

  • Stay independent at home for longer
  • Feel safer and more secure at home
  • Stay warm and well
  • Reduce the risk of falls

Please get in touch for more information on 01904 704 177.

You can make a referral for yourself, for a relative or friend, for a cared for person, or for someone you are supporting. Please email or call 01904 704 177.

Ex-Forces Support North Yorkshire

Selby District Association of Voluntary Services (AVS)

Selby AVS are a local support and development organisation.

They work with partners to support charitable, voluntary and community organisations and provide information and advice to enable a sustained approach to local development of the voluntary and community sector in Selby district.

They exist to encourage effectiveness, collaboration and co-operation within the voluntary and community sector in Selby district and throughout North Yorkshire and work with other networks to ensure that the voices of the sector are heard.

They are committed to working with existing organisations across Selby District to promote partnership working. Together we identify and respond to new and emerging community needs and work to develop innovative projects to create future sustainability across the voluntary sector.

They have a large and diverse membership which helps us to represent your views and strengthens the voice of the voluntary and community sector in Selby District.

Parish Nurses

Parish Nurses are based at King's Church, New Lane, in Selby and hold a walk in clinic every Wednesday from 9am till 12 noon. They can:

Check your weight, blood pressure, urinalysis

Signpost you for appropriate support

Do a home visit where required

Discuss your medications

Attend GP or hospital appointments with you

General health education

You can contact Anne and Alison by calling 0751837867 or email them on Read this leaflet to find out more about their work.

Selby School Uniform Bank

Selby School Uniform Bank aim to provide school uniforms for children in the Selby area who are in need of school uniform. Find them on Facebook @Selbyuniformbank or email the If you need to use the service please contact Selby Advice who will arrange a referral. To donate uniform please drop off at Morrisons supermarket or Classroom Clothing on Finkle Street, in Selby.

Selby Advice

Selby Advice is a network of agencies and organisations from within the voluntary and community sector who work together to improve advice and information services for people in Selby District. Selby Advice aims to increase the knowledge of volunteers and staff working in member organisations, enabling people to be quickly directed to the best source of help for their particular needs. The network provides the opportunity to share resources and training, saving network members time and money.

If you would like to learn more about how your organisation could benefit from working with Selby Advice please visit their website  or email