Central Area CEF


The Central Community Engagement Forum covers the following parishes: Barlow, Brayton and Selby.

Partnership Board Members

The Chair of the Central CEF is Councillor Ian Chilvers. For a list of all Partnership Board members, please click here.

Future meetings and forums

Wednesday 13 December 2017 (Forum).

Wednesday 3 January 2018 (Partnership Board) - Deadline for funding applications is 4pm on Friday 15 December 2017.

Wednesday 24 January 2018 (Forum).

Wednesday 14 March 2018 (Forum).

Wednesday 4 April 2018 (Partnership Board) - Dealine for funding applications is 4pm on Wednesday 21 March 2018.


For further details on the time and location of Partnership Board meetings and Forums, please see the Committee meetings calendar.


Central CEF - 'Team Up to Clean Up' Project

Selby District Council’s Central Area Community Engagement Forum (CEF) in partnership with the regeneration Charity Groundwork have agreed to run an environmental improvement campaign in Selby throughout May and June 2016.


'Team Up to Clean Up’ is an ambitious participation campaign to inspire local people in the parishes of Brayton, Barlow, and Selby Town to take action to improve local spaces and places within their community. It is intended that local people will identify a ‘grot spot’ to clean up and improve . The most worthy project will receive a reward of £5,000 to make the project happen. It is intended that three awards will be made in total.


To nominate a local space - please complete the form here 

Project Guidelines are available here