Air Quality Management Area

September 2017

An Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) has been designated around the area of New Street in Selby where levels of nitrogen dioxide are currently exceeding limits set by the government.

To improve air quality and protect the health of residents we have drawn up a draft action plan to improve the air quality in this area. We’d like you to take part in our consultation over the options we’re considering.

The main source of the pollution is large volumes of slow moving traffic in the area so many of the issues in the consultation deal with transport issues. 

The draft action plan considers ways to reduce queuing traffic in the area including:

  • Improving signage about the weight limit for lorries passing through the area
  • Pro-active enforcement to limit lorries over the existing weight limit passing through.
  • A survey of local businesses to understand commuter and delivery traffic.
  • Local solutions which could include freight partnerships, provision of access route maps and improving commuter parking arrangements.
  • Looking at the possibility of providing a low emission car club at the Civic Centre/Hospital site.
  • Developing a low emission vehicle policy for Selby.
  • Investigating the funding opportunities for the provision of public electric vehicle recharging points in our car parks.
  • Reviewing junction signal times to reduce queuing, vehicle idling and stop-start driving

You can read the Air Quality Action Plan here.

Let us have your feedback by taking part in the consultation.

We have written to all the businesses and residences in the nearby area and invited them to respond to the suggestions in the action plan.

The consultation is open until 26 November 2017.

For  more information on air quality you can look at the Defra website on air quality

Background information

March 2016

Air Quality Management Area is designated

Selby District Council designated the first air quality management area in the district on the 29 February 2016. This designation is known as Nitrogen Dioxide Order No 1  and covers the area edged in red on the plan below:

Selby District Council has for a number of years monitored the levels of nitrogen dioxide in New Street, Selby and the surrounding area. A Detailed Assessment considered these levels for the calendar year of 2014 and concluded that there were breaches of this health based objective along the two rows of terraced buildings flanking New Street and that this area is limited to the area of New Street/The Crescent between Selby Abbey and Ousegate.

The AQMA is not meant to indicate all properties within its boundary have breached the levels but rather the geographical boundary identifies the general area in which we want to target improvement actions so that the problem doesn’t get worse and affect more people.

Before we formally designated the area, in 2015 we asked for your views on the size and extent of the area. We had drawn up two options and had particularly wanted to know which option the public thought was most appropriate or if another boundary should be considered.  

The plans showing these options are given here:

  • Option 1 is a smaller AQMA that targets the area most in need of improvement action. This is area of New Street, Selby near the junction with Ousegate and the properties either side of the road. This area must be designated as an AQMA.  
  • Option 2 proposes a wider AQMA that broadens the area targeted for improvement. This area could be included in the AQMA.

More Information

The Frequently Asked Questions provides more information on this process.  If you cannot find the answers you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us using the details above.